Odessa’s Story

Jezebel and Edie have both been blessed to discover that one of the voices inside their heads was actually a real person. They like to refer to her as their Spirit Guide From The Other Side.

In March 2o11 Odessa started appearing to Jezebel in very graphic and disturbing dreams – more like nightmares. It was through these dreams that she learned that Odessa was a real person. Since then a lot of research has been done to verify that Odessa really existed.

At first Jezebel had a very hard time dealing with this, but now she is at peace with the Spirit. Jezebel has had tarot readings, played with a spirit board and done a very powerful spell to confirm that Odessa is her actual spirit guide.

As our readers know Odessa is a ghost in Headlocks & Hexes and Seances & Suplexes and a a charcter involved in a secondary plot in Desire. She is also Amalie’s mother in Shattered. Odessa has yet to be given a point of view in any of books in the Ring Dreams series. Although, Jezebel hopes to someday tell her story in first person point of view.

Odessa and Jezebel are still bonding and there are still a lot of holes to fill in with her life. She’s probably been there all along, sharing bits and pieces of her story since Jezebel first started working on Headlocks & Hexes in 2007. Jezebel feels like she was chosen because they are kindred spirits with a connection from a previous lifetime. It was Odessa who lead Jezebel to her first contact within the pro wrestling industry. It was also a conversation with this man that inspired the creation of Rowan, Odessa’s fictional granddaughter, and the character who turned the whole tide of the original plot.

Odessa has made it very clear that mot everything that has been written so far is fiction. It’s her way of getting her happily ever after that she never got in her previous time here on earth.

Billy Dalton and his sons are products of our imagination. He’s our dream man with qualities of every lover we every had and of one in particular that we shared.

Due to legal constraints we are not allowed to name names, but some of the people from her true story are still among the living. There are also family members to consider and she has made some very serious charges against someone who is still alive.

Odessa passed to the other side in 1985 in what was ruled a suicide. She tells me she was murdered when her affair with her dearly departed soulmate became known by his family.

She was involved with two very prominent figures in the professional industry, both of which are now dead. In the Ring Dreams series William Fletcher is the embodiment of these two men. She loved both these men dearly and insists that Jezebel protect their identity.

Someday Odessa’s story will be shared, for now we’ll just stick to her version of happily ever after.


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