Dirty Little Secret

Odessa has once again decided to speak…

I never knew the real you

You never let me inside your cold dark heart

I loved you once

but not anymore

That door has slammed shut

and shall never be opened again.

Once upon a time

You were the sun to my moon

Together we dazzled the galaxy

More brilliant that any starry night

You were my white night

My savior

My redeemer

You gave me the world

Until you took my life away.

I was never your possession

Not some Barbie to put on a shelf

Take me down and play with me

Then disappear with someone else

All I did was love him

When I couldn’t have you as my own

You preyed upon my bleeding heart

Building yourself up by tearing us down

Never giving up until

My body went into the cold ground.

You used us

We were all your pawns

In your sick




Now that the last piece of the puzzle

has been placed

We are once again united

Never to be torn apart

The truth will come out

Your dirty little secret

shall be revealed

Sit back and watch this all unfold

As we tell why

We never grew old


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