Greetings from the other side! Tis I, Odessa, the ghostess with the mostess, the coolest spirit guide in the whole entire universe, stopping by to kick off the release party of my human’s first book Headlocks & Hexes.

On this, the most wonderful day of the year, spirits are dancing and frolicking everywhere. We’re always with our loved ones, but on this day the veil is at it’s absolute thinnest. Even those without the gift may be able to sense our presence.

Those people in the above photo are Jezebel’s great great grandparents – Elbert and Plutina Radford. Back in the day, people didn’t smile for photos. I think this was done with the intentions of hoping to someday creep out your ancestors. I always plastered on a mega grin when my photo was taken just to annoy the hell out of everyone. Not that I was that old back in my last earthly existence.

For those not in the know, I am Jezebel’s spirit guide and I also have a role in her Ring Dreams series. Someday we’re gonna tell my real story too and I promise it will make your toes curl. She didn’t know I’d once been a real person when she wrote this first book. I chose to out myself earlier this year, around the time of her birthday. The news floored her so bad she had to take a couple of days off from work because I came through a little too powerfully. Jezebel and I share one living mutual acquaintance and he was the first person to verify that I had indeed walked among the living. He was actually the person who came up with the idea of Rowan being a little, shall we say, mentally unstable.

The entire Ring Dreams series is fictional, although the character traits of some of the people we both knew do come though with some of the characters. I was real, Amalie was real, and my William is the embodiment of the two men who tore my heart to shreds on my last earthly tour of duty. Everyone else is pretty much just the product of our over active imaginations. Billy Dalton is every man we’ve ever fucked all rolled up into one big Stud Muffin.

To celebrate release day we will be giving away an ebook copy of Headlocks & Hexes that you can download in any format from Smashwords. We’re selling this first book for only .99 so it’s a total steal and would make a nice Samhain gift for yourself or those you love. You can get it at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle now. In about a week the book will be available in print and on Barnes & Noble for your Nook.

Just leave us a comment and I’ll pick a winner win I drop by tomorrow.

Samhain Blessings!



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