Spirit Kama Sutra

Greetings, Odessa here…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Samhain. That day also happens to be my date of birth in my last earth bound form so I did some special celebrating with my beloved.

Perhaps you are wondering how do ghosts do it? I mean we don’t have skin and bones bodies. We’re nothing but swirling energy. When we do appear to a human we draw from your energy to appear in the form that you want to see us or best remember us. Kinda like how I show up naked when I pay Billy a visit in Headlocks & Hexes. He liked me naked, so that’s how I appear to him.

Any hoo, back to this whole ghostly sex thing. It took me and my beloved awhile to connect on the other side. Our main problem was a curse placed on us by an evil man. You’ll be able to read all about that in Bleeding Hearts.

Before the curse was broken on a few occasions my beloved came through to my human rather amorously. As much as I like my human, that totally pissed me off. I did not like her waking with his love bites in inappropriate locations. Never mind that the loving was intended for me, it still made me very angry.

Once we were able to break the curse it was all good. Damn good. To appreciate spirit sex you have to understand the Kama Sutra. Since we don’t have physical bodies we merge our energy orbs for some metaphysical bumping and grinding.

No, my human is not allowed to watch, but she can feel some of the overflowing energy. My beloved and I raise a hell of a lot of energy. I think I’m a much better spirit guide afterwards because I feed off his energy and when I am sated I am much better able to focus on keeping track of my human.

Speaking of hot sex scenes, want to win a copy of Headlocks & Hexes? Just leave a comment below…




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