C’est Moi


Greetings from the dark side! C’est moi, Odessa, still filling in for my human.

We got all excited when we found this photo of me painted from a previous lifetime. I was living in the jolly olde England when John Collier asked me to model with a couple of my dear snakes.

My human just about happied all over herself when she realized this photo is now public domain and can be used on the cover of Demon Child.

Oh, and for the tie in to Headlocks & Hexes, my granddaughter Rowan looks very much like me.  So there you have our lovely anti-heroine in all her glorious beauty.

Rowan doesn’t share my fondness for snakes and is actually scared of spiders. She did, however, inherit my lust for Dalton men and the whole witch thing.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would check out Headlocks & Hexes at Smashwords or Amazon. It’s only .99 cents. What have you got to lose?

Or just post something here and I might send you a code to download the book for free.

Peace out,




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