A Rose By Any Other Name…

The current issue of Writer’s Digest has a very interesting article entitled, Namedropping. It’s all about the ins and outs of naming your characters. That inspired me to discuss how the characters in my Ring Dreams series came across their names.

Odessa ~ I saw the name on a tombstone while walking through a cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina and instantly knew that was the name of my ghost.  Little did I know that the spirit attached to the name would then appear to me as my Spirit Guide and start telling me her real life story. The more I learn about the real life Odessa, the more I am in awe of the little bits of reality she implanted in Headlocks & Hexes.

Rowan Murdoch ~ Rowan comes from the character of Rowan Mayfair in Anne Rice’s Witching Hour. It’s part of the story that Odessa named her after the Mayfair witch because she was so enchanted by that book. Much like in that book, there is the connection to the protective quality and strength of the Rowan Tree. Murdoch is just a little kayfabe shout out to one of my favorite old school wrestlers, Dick Murdoch.

Billy Dalton ~ He basically just named himself. I couldn’t image Billy having any other name.

Dylan Dalton ~ He got the Dalton surname from his daddy. I guess I was thinking of pretty men and the name Dylan popped into my head because of Dylan McDermott.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bryson Dalton ~ The love of Billy’s life is named after my Nanny, my daddy’s mother. She was the first spirit I ever interacted with and really fueled my love of books.

Darren Bryson Dalton ~ Surname courtesy of Billy. I had originally called him Darren with the story being that his mom was watching Bewitched when she went into labor and meant to name him Darrin after the husband of Samantha the witch. Turns out she was a little too drugged up when filling out the paperwork and spelled it Darren. Then I realized that Darren and Dylan were a little too similar so I decided to have him take his middle name of Bryson. This plays on his admiration and devotion to his maternal grandfather Paul Bryson.

Tabitha Dalton ~ She was named by her Grandmother Lizzie playing along with the theme from Bewitched. It also adds to the irony that the most powerful DeFleihr witch is named after a sitcom witch.

Stan and Bobby Dalton ~ Courtney’s twin sons were named after my favorite tag team, Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton, of the Midnight Express. There’s also a kayfabe play on the MX’s “twin sons of different mother’s” monicker that works on a plot twist in the story.

Wahoo ~ It’s probably really obvious that Bryson named his Rottweiler after the legendary Wahoo McDaniel.

Dinera DeFliehr ~ Dinera comes from a Russian tennis player, Dinera Safina. DeFliehr is a kayfabe tribute to Ric Flair who’s real name is spelled Fliehr.

Alex Kafelnikov ~ Alex was the name of my Ukrainian tennis coach and Kafelnikov is also a tennis name from Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

Courtney Fletcher Dalton ~ Like Billy, Courtney just kinda named herself and I couldn’t image her answering to anything other than Courtney.



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