I don’t believe in heaven or hell. It is my belief that our souls simply crossover and await the next journey. Our physical bodies are nothing but bundles of energy. An energy that never dies. We keep coming back until we get it right and have learned enough to become a spirit guide.

I know this to be true because I know the person I was in my previous existence. I’ve seen snippets of other past lives and felt emotions from them, but it’s nothing like the bond I have with Katie.

Maybe it’s because we left our last existence in 1964 only to come back so soon in 1967. Maybe it’s because I bonded with her “boy toy” from the instance we made contact with each other. Maybe it’s because she had a profound connection to Odessa in that lifetime. Maybe it’s because I am able to channel two of her other past lovers. I don’t really know how I know as much about Katie as I do. All I really know is she used to be me. Or I used to be her.

My intense fear of bridges is due to Katie losing control of her Rolls Royce and crashing into the Hudson River. Definitely not a pleasant way to cross over.

In some ways we are very much alike, and then again we are so very different. Katie was an extreme extrovert. Her husband, that she married for his money and social status, owned a burlesque club in Manhattan. She seduced him while working as a featured dancer and due to his age took on an array of lovers to keep her sexually satisfied.

Katie grew up in Camden, NJ in a staunch middle class family. Her mother worked a second job to pay for her ballet lessons. She dreamed of being a ballerina and absolutely adored sneaking visits to New York City. Her dreams were shattered when she grew too tall and busty to make it in the ballet. Those same features gave her success in the world of burlesque and drew any man she ever wanted into her bed.

Odessa’s beloved bonded with her because their relationship was always on even terms. She never tried to change him or make him anything he wasn’t. Neither of them had any intentions of a happily ever after. They were content with happy right then and there. Other than Dess, I think she was the only woman he really opened up to. It was almost like he considered her one of the boys. Dess was never anywhere close to boyish.

She did shed a few tears when he took off for Florida, but if he was in town and Dess wasn’t around they still had their moments. The guy who stole her heart was even younger and had yet to find his shooting star. He wanted her to leave New York with him and to this day she regrets not taking him up on that offer.

If she had left with him she wouldn’t have been drinking that night.  She wouldn’t have been out in that downpour.  She wouldn’t have lost her life in the Hudson.

Katie says, to kinda quote a Rod Stewart song – Never wait or hesitate. Getting kicks before it’s too late. Cause you may never get another chance. Life’s a blast, but it won’t last. Live it long and live it fast…

Katie was a friend of mine.


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