I’ve Got A Bad Desire

My human’s book – Desire – is currently an Amazon free read.

I’m alive in this story and I’m sure you’ll love the scene where I console that hunky Billy Dalton in his time of duress.

Who can blame him for seeking solstice in my bed?

William Fletcher does have a striking resemblance to my beloved.

Or perhaps the infamous “Roger”.

I guess you’ll just have to read Desire and find out.

This story is all about Billy hooking up with Lizzie,

despite that Paul Bryson’s best efforts to keep them apart.

Paul’s definitely got some “Roger” in him.

This one’s a little sappy, but it’s still got plenty of sizzle.


Jezebel’s next release – Séances & Suplexes – will be out on Valentine’s Day.

It’s all about that slut Courtney Dalton and her “Boy Toy” Alex Kafelnikov.

Bitch has got heat with me because she’s channeling my Will and that really pisses me off.

That bratty little kid of hers is also developing into quite the wicked little witch.

I think this is my human’s smuttiest book yet,

so if you like it down and dirty you’ll love this one!


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