My short story Stealing My Heart is now available on Amazon for only .99 cents. Okay, I didn’t actually write this story, but I did dictate it to my human. Jez formatted it and designed the pretty cover. I guess you could call it a team effort.

Blurb: A beautiful red haired witch (C’est moi) goes to her lover’s crypt in St. Louis cemetery to cast a spell to bring him back for one final night of passion.

In Stealing My Heart Odessa is very much alive and determined to bring her beloved (My William) back from the other side.

An excerpt from Desire is also included with this story.

This is also the last day to get Séances & Suplexes for only .99 cents on Smashwords with coupon code: XX67A.

Today Jezebel is visiting Lila Munro’s Realmantic Moments to discuss a day in the life of Courtney Dalton. She’s that slut from my human’s ring dream series.

Tomorrow Headlocks & Hexes will be in the Book Spotlight at Lia Davis’ Magically Seductive Romance Blog.

On Friday yours truly will be paying a visit to Books-Kisses and you know I won’t pull any punches.

And last, but not least, Headocks & Hexes is currently an Amazon freebie! So please check it out and give our Ring Dreams series a try.


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