Bah Humbug!


This has got to be the stupidest holiday ever! This Saint Patrick character supposedly drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Now I ask, who would want to live in a country with no snakes?

As you know I have quite a fondness for our slithering little friends. Snakes are beautiful and sweet creatures who get such a bad rep. They won’t bother you unless you choose to bother them. Snakes eat rodents. I’d much rather have a snake in my house than a big fat ugly rat.

As if this stupid holiday isn’t enough to put a witch in a tizzy, my human ate a steak for lunch. It just about made me sink to think of that poor dead cow. It was “Roger” that made her do it. I keep telling her that if she’d give up meat and just eat a raw unprocessed diet then her psychic abilities would sky rocket. But, does she listen to me? No, of course not.

A spirit guide’s work is never done!

Peace out, peeps…



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