Bleeding Hearts

I know Odesssa is due to write her blog on how eating clean increases the ability to communicate with the other side. But, we’ve been having a pretty intense conversation this afternoon that has her in a bit of a snit.

She met her beloved when she was all if seventeen years old. From the time she was about twenty years old until the day she died at forty-three he was her very existence. He was a hard nosed Capricorn who knew exactly what he wanted and most of the time he got his way. Odessa might have been his only weakness. Well, that coupled with his alcoholism and post concussion syndrome (not that anyone knew what it was at that time).

He never left his wife for Odessa because he was regarded as a piller of his community, probably the entire state. He was very aware of his reputation and how it affected his multi-million dollar business. His wife knew about Odessa. His mistress wasn’t a secret, he flaunted his gorgeous red haired long legged seductress whenever he had the chance, His wife stayed because she didn’t want to loose her life style and standing in the community. Let’s just say, she bought a mint green Jaguar days after his death.

Odessa stood up to her beloved just twice in her life. In 1979 she went back to the Carolina’s with another man,  her first love and a constant rival, disguised as a business associate of her beloved. She made two fatal mistakes. First of all, she left their daughter in Florida with her friend Carmella in the house that her beloved owned and paid for.

Second, the other guy was a flake, a charismatic, gorgeous man, but a Pisces with a Venus in Aries who also had wife and son. Sharing the same astrological positions, I can verify, to quote a Virgo former lover, a Pisces with making love to you one night and the next morning you’ll be pulling a knife out of your back.

He knew she’d come crawling back, and he was exactly right, she did. The flake was emotional enough to put the house he bought Odessa in 1961 in her name. She kept the house until her sister inherited it at the time of her death. He beloved knew better. He never denied Odessa anything she ever wanted, well maybe their names on a legal marriage certificate. The cottage on the beach was in his name, disguised as a rental property. That Mercedes convertible was in his name. Even the electric bill was in his name. He gave her cash aplenty, but never a credit card with her name on it.

Odessa might of had him pussy whipped, but he had himself wrapped around her heart. She was not only his mistress, but also second best his very successful business. The second time she attempted to take a stand she did everything right, too right. This time she gave him an ultimatum and she stood by it. When he didn’t give in. She emptied out the house, left his Mercedes in the driveway and went back to North Carolina. She took their daughter, she took all her clothes, she really went all out in attempting to get her way.

Maybe she went too far because he never took her threat seriously. It was well documented that he fell apart when he went to that house on New Years Day and saw that she was really gone. Those that don’t know the real story even believe that her leaving was the main factor in what appeared to be his decision to take his own life just a few weeks later.

He wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. I know this. He’s showed me this. Odessa has showed me this. Even the person who fired that gun has even showed me this.

The truth is going to be revealed in Bleeding Hearts.

Maybe when the truth comes out all of those involved will finally be able to rest in peace.



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