Energy Vibrations

One of my human’s friend’s, the super talented Carolyn Rosewood (If you’ve not read her Seduced By A Demon series you’d better go buy her books or I might consider putting snakes in your bed), asked me about how eating clean helps you communicate with the other side. Having recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Jezebel (my human), is getting a big dose of this right now.

Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disorder where Jez’s body can’t process gluten. That means no wheat, barley, rye or malt. Due to her IBS she’s also supposed to lay off the dairy and I have begged and begged her to go vegan. In my human form I pretty much lived on fruit, raw veggies, and I must confess, alcohol.

Have you looked at the crap they put in processed food? Seriously, if you can’t pronounce it, should you really be eating it? Eating a dead creature is just gross. That, and with that soul churning in your stomach you’re blocking the interesting souls from stopping by to say hello. I’ve gotten Jez down to eating just fish for her meat intake. The Celiac has pretty much forced her to drop all the crud out of her diet. Now that her body is not working triple time to digest all that sludge and crud it’s functioning at a much higher level.

Basically, the cleaner you eat, the higher your energy vibration. The stronger you vibrate, the easier it makes a spirit to enter your energy field. We feed on your energy vibrations. Want a spirit to leave you alone? Ignore them. It works every time. We also like chocolate and some of us do enjoy adult libations.

The first time I came through and announced I was real, I knocked my human off her ass. For real! She had to call in sick to work. That’s how bad I drained her. Kinda dumb, considering she did get my name off a tombstone. I’ve been told by more than one medium that I’m a very strong spirit. As in if a medium is doing a gallery reading, they have to shield against me to let any other spirits come through.

Jez has always been gifted with a spirit board and I can shield like no one’s business. So, don’t believe that bull shit about spirit boards being dangerous and drawing demons. I f-n dare anyone who doesn’t walk in the light to break my shield. Ain’t happening! There’s only one guy, we’ll call him “Roger”, who gives us a little bit of an issue and that’s just because my human and I both agree he’s still a sexy beast even in his spirit form. My human swoons for him, but we’re getting better with keeping her from creaming her panties every time he drops by to say hello.

Lately, we’ve been communicating with this dude I like to call “The Dark Soul”. He’s not really bad, and Jez knew him in human form. He lived a hard and rough life, coming into this world when his sperm donor shoved his mother down a fight of stairs when she was 8 1/2 months pregnant. He survived a childhood of abuse, a gun shot wound to the stomach, and falling in with a bad crowd. He died of what was probably a self-induced drug overdose to ease his pain. He really was a tortured soul who never got any breaks in his previous lifetime.

Jez recognized his voice the first time he spoke. Believe me, if he was any threat, no way in hell would he have broken my shield. I didn’t like him at first because I knew his sperm donor and the man was a real piece of shit. Some so-called wrestling experts regard him as one of the best bookers in the industry. But, did he ever work in my beloved’s office? Hell, to the no! He saw that scumbag for what he really was. I’m actually enjoying The Dark Soul’s warped sense of humor. He made my human giggle before seven am. A rare feat indeed. They were there for each other in low points of both their lives and now maybe we can be there for him to walk him into the light.

Anyhoo… back to the energy vibration thing, witches also vibrate at a higher frequency during that time of the month. Nothing like a little blood to draw in a lost soul. My beloved was one of those in the wrestling business who believed that red equalled green so he wasn’t adverse to getting color in the ring. Every time he gigged I can assure you I was there behind the scenes to kiss his boo boos and lap up his blood. Not that I encourage that behavior and this was back in the day when there weren’t so many disease risks. I knew everywhere my beloved had even thought about sticking his thing.

Jezebel is also learning to raise her energy vibration by studying Reiki. She’s already got her Reiki 1 certification, and I’m going to push her to take it to Master level. I think by then she’ll be able to do gallery readings. We’ve already had a few spirits come through that neither of us knew. I’m busting my ass with my shielding now, because I don’t want her getting to freaked out by the Voices.

The spirit world is nothing to fear. Everyone has a spirit guide. All you gotta do is call on them and they’ll be there for you. Not all of them are as awesome as me, but with the right training anyone can connect with the other side.

Now, we’re going to try something a little adventuresome… If you would like a message from someone who has crossed just leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can do. No promises… but I think this will be a good exercise for Jezebel.

SO… fire away…


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