It’s Me Again… Odessa

At least I think it’s me… This computer thing confuses me and my human is all fuzzed headed because of her Reiki attunements. Reaching Reiki 2 also greatly heightens your psychic abilities, so I am already dreading when she goes through those attunements.

I took over and answered the questions after remembering something we learned from my human’s favorite mentor Krista Kaine.

Krista is an incredible medium and taught a psychic development class Jez took and certified her as being legit at doing this. If you are near Nashville I would invite you to come to The New Life Spiritual Center that Krista runs.

Before doing any type of reading Krista always calls upon the four archangels to stand in each corner of the room for protection and purity. My human just calls on me and sometimes my beloved to stand over her other shoulder. There’s no right or wrong way to communicate with spirits. Everyone follows their own path.

Medium means just that – someone in the middle who acts as a conduit between the realms. Krista is always quick to say that it is Spirit that speaks through her, she’s not the one giving the message. She has encouraged Jez to step back and let Spirit come in through me. I’m Jezebel’s conduit to the spirit realm.

If your tight with your spirit guide, you can pretty much count on them to shield. But never, ever, ever, try to make contact with the spiritual realm without putting up a shield. Most mediums like white light, me and Jez prefer orange. We’re weird like that.

Krista has a good way of shielding by putting a mirror between herself and the people she reads for. The mirror deflects any negativity and keeps things from sticking to you. The emotions roll off you and go back to where they belong. Jez still has do some work on that one.

Once you’re in your quiet and comfortable place, shielded and protected, and ready to go, you can light some incense and a candle as conduits. Some people like music, we like silence. Jez is very noise sensitive.

Close your eyes and call out for your guide. Be patient and be polite. Unless you already have a thing like me and Jez where we just “hey bitch” each other. Old school guides who haven’t walked among the living for several years can be a little testy if you don’t show them proper respect.

You might hear a voice. You might see an animal. You might see a fully formed being. Or you might just get colors and flashes of images. It takes practice and patience.

Always thank your guide… remember that Jez… 🙂

So there you have meeting your guide 101.

Questions, comments, and concerns?


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