A New Guide

Odessa almost had me talked into taking off for Tampa this morning. Luckily her friend Carmella came through and offered to step in while Odessa takes a little vacation. Odessa needs to go do whatever she’s got going on with our friend in Florida and then spend some quality alone time with her beloved. No one realized this more than Carmella. As much as we both love Dess, we both well know that she’s never been the most stable of souls.

Carmella was Odessa’s best friend in her past existence. She was a surgical nurse and a very powerful Reiki Master. Carmella delivered Odessa’s baby when she refused to go the the hospital for Amalie’s birth. She also tended to Amalie while Odessa suffered through a horrific bout of postpartum depression. Carmella also took care of Amalie when Odessa took off to North Carolina with “Roger” in 1979.

If you’re read Shattered that is what really happened when Amalie refers to Odessa going off the deep end over William’s (the name we gave her father) death. Shattered is a work of fiction, but Amalie’s rape, pregnancy, and crossing over really happened. Carmella really was there to hold Amalie’s hand and help her though her ordeal.

Carmella crossing over from breast cancer is also covered in Shattered. And, yes that is the way she really passed. That part of the story is 100% true. This really did happen at the time of Amalie’s 15th birthday. The year was changed to protect the guilty since the person referred to as Charlie still walks among the living.

Carmella is also in Infinity. The people in that story were all real, but their identities were altered and it’s all fiction. Well, for perhaps, Tessa’s (w0nder who that could possibly be?)  bout with postpartum depression. This story was told  to me by a spirit, the real life wife of Odessa’s beloved and of course some contrasting POV from Odessa herself.

But, enough over Carmella’s previous life…

Carmella has arrived to teach me how to ground and harness my energy vibrations. She’s good, very good and has already shared a meditation with me that has calmed me down and gotten me into focus on getting through the day.

She says the best way to prepare for this meditation is to light a lavender candle and talk a hot bath with lavender bath oil and Epson Salts. If it’s an emergency, as it was for me this morning, you can skip that step and go right to the basics.

Sit in lotus pose, or cross legged if that is the best you can do, and the form your thumbs and index fingers into a triangle. Envision being surrounded in a soothing light or your favorite color. Carmella picked lavender since it’s my healing color.

The triangle represents the connection to mind, body, and spirit. Actually doing the hand symbol links these connections and for me instantly produces a calming effect.

Carmella is a Reiki Master so I don’t know how the rest of this meditation would work for someone not guided by a spirit of her power. Starting at the root chakra she took me through aligning each chakra by placing their representative colors of light inside the triangle of serenity.

After she reached my crown chakra, she used the triangle as a shield, guiding the light around me, enveloping me in peace, love and harmony.

I found it to be a very intense and healing meditation. I also think Carmella might have taken me into a Reiki 2 territory that I probably shouldn’t delve too deeply in before having that certification and attunement.  Still, it was a very powerful experience. I am thankful for Carmella coming through to help both me and Odessa and I hope she decides to hang around with us on my Reiki journey. How cool is it to have a spirit guide with a spirit guide!?!

If you would like to know more about the seven chakra’s I highly recommend the following link – http://www.personal-development-coach.net/seven-chakras.html

If you would like to know more about Carmella we would be honored for you to read Infinity or Shattered.

Shattered for Kindle

Shattered for Nook

Infinity for Kindle

Infinity for Nook


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