Some Vacation That Was!


I just had to post this photo to fuck with Jezebel. She’s got this insane bridge phobia. Mainly because she drove off a bridge into the Hudson river and bit the big one in her previous lifetime. As you can tell, that ain’t the Hudson River. That’s one of my old haunts in Tampa. If you’ve got the least bit of psychic ability you can sense spirits on this bridge. Probably because it’s a pier now due to a little accident with a boat and a Greyhound bus and like thirty some people crossed over when the bridge collapsed.

So, anyhoo… Friday morning I almost had Jez talked into blowing off work and going to Tampa. Even had her suitcase out. Then Carmella pops in and informs me that I need a vacation and to take my sweet little ass down to Tampa all by my lonesome. She’s gonna step in and play spirit guide for Jez while she’s learning this Reiki stuff. I was a whiz with potions and candles, but Carmella was, and still is, the Reiki queen.

I should also mention that while I adore Carmella, she’s a bit of a hard ass. My human can be a whiny little bitch. Girl is a Pisces with a Venus in Aries and a Mars in Scorpio. We’re talking wacko here. Jez just wasn’t ready for Carmella to be in charge. Carmella’s like, throw up your own damn shield. My human is like, but Dess always does that for me… waa… waa… waa… Why, yes, I am the shielding queen.

There I am enjoying the day on the bay, drinking absinthe with my dear friend, when Carmella summons me home. My human is sick and can’t shield worth a crap without me. So, I bid our friend a fair adieu and now I’m back in Nashville. And, no I’m not exactly happy about it. I was having a grand time pranking my friend and doing the spirit sex thing on the beach with my beloved. Goddess knows, we aren’t even gonna mention what they’ve done to the Sportorium. I mean I’m a freaking spirit and even with my beloved there by my side, that place gave me the willies.

Such is life. I am back to work and getting ready to tuck my human into bed. After she puts up the damn laundry. I’m a spirit guide, not a freaking maid. Carmella is still head spirit guide honcho on the Reiki, but no Reiki 2 allowed until she survives the 21 day attunement and we allow her to visit with her human teachers.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get my ghostly groove on with my beloved…


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