One of my early gifts as a medium has been the ability to pick up vibes and emotions, kinda like doing a reading from a photo.  Ever since I read Hooker, the story of Lou Thesz, I’ve felt his power bouncing off the pages of that book.

Seriously, I sleep with that book on my nightstand because no one’s gonna come through that doesn’t need to come through if Lou Thesz is shielding you.

I’m not sure on the proper procedure for asking someone to be a spirit guide, but I know Mr. Thesz  knows how to throw up one hell of a shield. So, I have very politely asked him to shield me while I am learning to control my psychic abilities.

I even put a photo of him on my desk this morning because it emits such a powerful “Don’t fuck with me!” vibe. “Roger” isn’t about to come anywhere near me with Lou Thesz handling the shielding duties.

Odessa is a little miffed, but she’s just gonna have to deal because I can’t handle “Roger” while I’m doing my Reiki studies. I’ll ask Mr. Thesz to allow Odessa’s beloved to come through as needed, but other than that, no one comes through, at least not when I am at work.

Carmella is pleased with me for creating my own shield instead of relying on Odessa to do all the work. She keeps telling me that I am plenty powerful enough to do my own shielding and I need to stop being so needy about having Odessa do everything.

I am a lot more comfortable with Odessa in charge, but Carmella is right. I do need to learn to do this on my own to take my psychic powers to the next level. I’m going to need Carmella while I study and progress with my Reiki so Odessa is just going to have to learn she is not the boss.  I have to learn and respect that for now Carmella is the spirit guide head honcho, so to speak.

It’s very empowering to know that I have the ability to call upon a spirit as strong as Lou Thesz and ask him to shield. I think I’ve made a major breakthrough in loosening my dependence on Odessa.


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