Deja Vu

Last night I got a phone call that a friend’s daughter was in town. Much like her mother, Tara, just called and announced she was on I40 almost to Nashville. 

Her mom, Allison, was was my best friend and mentor in guiding me through the art of dealing with pro wrestlers. She took me under her wig when I was barely legal and she was a senior at UNC-Asheville. We made many a Monday night drive to Greenville and she took me to my very first taping at Techwood Drive in Atlanta. Not to mention all the other places we went on the spur of the moment.

Allie was killed in a car accident close to 22 years ago when Tara was almost three years old. To say that Allie and her baby’s daddy had heat at the time would be an understatement. She wound up being adopted by the man Allie was dating at the time of her death. Tara had a relationship with her biological grandfather, only in the last few years has gotten close to her father. Despite a paternity test and the fact that she looks just like the man it took him a long time to accept his child. He paid his child support, but other than that he was a non-factor in her life. 

Physically she looks just like her father, but personality wise she is Allie all over again. I’m also really glad that in the last few years she and her father have gotten to be close, especially now that she no longer has the grandfather who treated her as family from the day the paternity test results were positive.

I’m not going to reveal his name because at the time he was one of the biggest stars of WCW, but I do have a great story on how he found out Allison was pregnant. They had been having some issues, mainly that he was accusing her of how shall I say, riding Space Mountain. 

So, Allie peed on the stick on a Sunday morning and kinda freaked out when she saw the positive results. I was on Christmas break visiting with her in Charlotte in the apartment she pretty much shared with the future baby’s daddy as he was going through a very bitter divorce at the time.

He happened to have been on the road all weekend and at the Omni in Atlanta that night. I suggested waiting until he came home later that week, but Allie decided we were going to Georgia. Instead of going to the matches at the Omni we went straight to Mallone’s, the local post show hangout spot for the boys.

Allison went ballistic when he came in with a woman on his arm (the woman who went on to become his second wife). He knew he was busted, but tried to play it cool and sent drinks to our table before coming over to say hello. Yes, he had an enormous set of balls.

They started bickering and he basically told her to shut up and enjoy her drink. She threw it in his face and screamed, “I’m pregnant!” loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear. Obviously, not the best way to handle the situation, but so very Allie.

Someone did actually wind up riding Space Mountain that night, but the bun was already in the oven so to speak.That pretty much put an end to Allie’s relationship with her baby’s daddy. They had a couple of kiss and make up sessions in the next two years, but other than the DNA test and going to court to settle the child support deal, it was pretty much a war up until the night she was killed.

I woke up screaming the night she wrecked, knowing something bad had happened. She was on I40 between Memphis and Nashville on her way to see him when it happened. Thank Goddess Tara was at home in Texas with the guy that Allison was living with at the time. 

And people wonder why I don’t believe in fairy tale finishes…



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