I got so wrapped up in my snake rant yesterday that my beloved gave me a little lecture on tying in a promo. He was after the master of promotion. So, in honor of my beloved…

If you would care to read Shattered you will find an excellent example of the sensitivity of snakes. This happens when my daughter Amalie and her beast of a dog Ginger upset Edna, one of my pet copperheads.

Here’s some snake trivia for you, too. When a copperhead becomes upset they emit a scent much like that of a cucumber.

I’ve been told that I really come across as a bit of a wicked whacked out shrew of a mother in this book. What fifteen year old doesn’t feel that way about their mom? The story is told from Amalie’s point of view.

You can download a copy of Shattered for you Kindle or your Nook and it is also available in all other formats through Smashwords.

So, there I did my little snakes and Shattered promo.

Now, I can address another issue, someone on a wrestling message board made a stupid comment that “real estate didn’t work out all that well” for my beloved. If that was the case, how did his widow buy a mint green Jaguar two weeks after his death? Bitch never suffered financially after his untimely demise. And do note I DID NOT say suicide.

The truth shall come out in Bleeding Hearts.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…


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