Freedom of Speech


I am proud to have had the following letter printed in my small hometown newspaper. The News-Record in Mars Hill, North Carolina. I wrote this as a response to another reader bashing their decision to print a lesbian couple’s engagement announcement. I’ve mentioned many times that Anne Rice is my role model both as a person and everything I could ever aspire to be as a writer. I greatly admire how she so passionately supports her gay son Christoper Rice. And his books are totally awesome too, by the way.

Someday I can old dream of having her clout and fan base, but until then I intend to make every word I write matter. I just wish I’d included my pen name and link to my website to peddle my “smutty” books. It’s also kinda ironic that the general manager and editor of this newspaper is named Chris Rice. 🙂

From the June 13th issue of The News-Record:

Not only does Kelly Waldroup need to learn some proper grammar, she
also needs to learn a little tolerance. I found it a refreshing change
of pace to see the announcement of a same sex engagement. Perhaps,
someone needs to inform Kelly that in some states same sex marriages
are legal. We don’t know where this couple was planning to have their
wedding. What is it going to hurt this Kelly person if someone else
finds a loving partner to spend their life with?

Her comment about the age of the readers being grandparents made me
laugh since one of the ladies in the engagement announcement was a
grandmother. If she or any other reader is offended by something,
maybe they should just skip over the article. There is a little thing
called freedom of speech.

What gives this person the right to tell anyone else who they can or
can not love? She’s very bold to generalize that “the Lord” finds this
morally wrong. Maybe, her Lord feels that way, but not all other
faiths are as narrow minded or bigoted. Guess, she forgot that whole
“judge not lest ye be judged” part of the Bible.

People who are the most homophobic usually have unresolved issues
about their own sexual orientation. Hatred is fueled by a fear of
something that is not understood. I’m heterosexual and don’t know the
couple in the engagement announcement, but I wish them all the best
for a lifetime of happiness. For once, I actually applaud The News
Record for being open minded enough to run the announcement.

Renee Payne

Nashville, TN

That’s me, the real Jezebel Jorge, not afraid to speak out about my beliefs.


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