Astrological Ponderings

Jez’s friend Pattie, our editor and typo catching whiz, posted some cool links on Facebook today that got me to thinking…

First we’ll go with the placement of Venus in your astrological chart:

Venus in Scorpio: When intense, magnetic Venus in Scorpio walks into a room, the men turn to look and the women hold onto their men a little tighter. She is looking for her soul mate, and her eyes see right through you. She is stalking Mars and Pluto; she bonds throughout eternity. She demands passion and commitment—with mind, body, and soul. She is intriguing, seemingly holding on to secrets. She allures and mesmerizes with her sex appeal; she is equipped with more pheromones than most. She also knows men intimately; there is nothing or nowhere you can hide.

  • The Challenge: The biggest challenges here are trust and a noncommittal attitude. Love me or hate me; indifference is intolerable. It’s impossible to contain the raging ocean, and even a still one is deep. If you are not devoted to the depths of those emotional currents or cannot be trusted, you’ll be eliminated.

Yeah that’s me, wouldn’t you say?

Jez and “Roger” both happen to be drama queen Pisces with Venus in Aries –

Venus in Aries: Venus in Aries is hinging Mars. She is a rebellious, nonconforming go-getter; someone strong, quick to act, a bad boy or a tomboy. She knows Mars’ likes and dislikes; what makes him tick—so he is easy prey. She is a physical, enthusiastic spark plug, who instantly ignites flames of passion. All you can do is her bidding—wild, spirited, exciting action with no time to think. She wants to be shown that she is loved. She loves surprises and only seems to want to be shown that you appreciate all those impetuous gestures. If Venus in Aries tires of Mars, she is gone in a literal flash—she isn’t a possession.

  • The Challenge: You can’t slow down or slouch. Venus in Aries needs to always go, go, go!

My Beloved is a Capricorn with a Venus in Capricorn –

Venus in Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn is traditional and appreciates societal values. He is ardent and sensual—but not in public, mind you. With age and practice, he only gets better. He is image-conscious and values his privacy. He is often your classic beauty, with legs that go on forever. Even in terms of looks, he seems to grow younger and more gorgeous with each passing year. His ageless quality captures our attention. He does not see it himself—to him it is the make-up, the outfit, the perfect light, or your impaired vision. He works, supports, encourages, and makes you feel that you can conquer the world. He may capture the attention of an older woman, who from there on out believes she has gone to heaven. He is also pragmatic and materialistic—there are things a guy needs to have.

  • The Challenge: If you cannot be counted on and relied upon to see to your duties, the pragmatic Capricorn Venus may lose some of that faith in you.

What’s really weird is my beloved is a triple Capricorn with his sun, Venus, Mars and Saturn all ruled by the stubborn old goat.

“Roger” is a Pisces with his love (Venus) and sex (Mars)  planets both in Aries. Can you say impulsive? He sure as hell was when it came to falling for me.

I am a Mars in Leo, which as Jez likes to joke, makes me a little too full of my self.

Jez is a Mars in Scorpio, which means she’ll fuck you silly and then chop off your nuts if you piss her off.

Us Scorpios are not the type to fuck with because we have no qualms about not playing nice.




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