Summer Solstice

Isn’t that just the cutest snake you’ve ever seen? Snake = Love!

I swear to Goddess I don’t know when I’ve ever been happier to see a new moon. My human is just a wreck on the last days of a waning moon. She even had to take her colon pills today. As you might have heard I made a little deal with Jez.  I give her a six figure story and she gets me my own python. Sounds fair to me, don’t you think?

So, for our new moon we are going to Ask, Believe and damn well Receive.

We’ve been reading The Secret and actively practicing The Law of Attraction.

Today we went to and printed out the two checks to write to ourselves for abundance in six figures. We’re living life like we’re already there. Abundance is on it’s way. Demon Child is going to be our breakthrough book and Bleeding Hearts is going to tear some little worlds apart.

Just a reminder that the Book Lovers Buffet is on until the 22nd. Go to the Erotica category and get a copy of Desire for only .99 cents. There’s this really hot scene in this book where I seduce Billy Dalton. That scene alone is worth the cheapo steal of a deal. Then head over to Paranormal and check out Infinity. A spirit we shall call “Lucille” channeled her part of the story to Jez. It’s kinda what Lucy wished had happened. You might also notice that Tessa chick bears a strange resemblance to moi. Diana reminds me of my good friend and Jez’s spirit mentor in Reiki, Carmella.

If you are looking for some great summer reads at bargain deals, then you must go to the Book Lovers Buffet and fire up that Kindle or Nook. They’ve got a little something for everyone in all genres of romance.


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