Silence Hides Violence

In honor of Nancy Benoit I am donating all my royalties from all my June royalties to The Nancy and Daniel Benoit Foundation. Nancy’s family started this foundation to promote awareness of the abuse of anabolic steroids. I have buy links, blurbs, and excerpts over at my other website I won’t get my June royalty statement until the end of August, but I’ll post it then to show my results.

As I’ve said before, no one really understands post concussion syndrome until they experience the side effects first hand. It’s some very scary stuff. Nancy’s death probably saved my life since it was my wake up call to get out of a very similar situation. I had horrible nightmares of seeing Nancy’s death in gruesome and graphic detail every night until I left my townhouse and moved into a gated apartment complex. The nightmares stopped the day I signed the lease.

Getting away from my ex cost me my credit, I had to file for bankruptcy because the townhouse went into foreclosure. I also had to have the car my ex was driving in my name repossessed. Not to even mention all the credit card debt from trying to get him help and later the year I spent in therapy for post traumatic stress syndrome.

But all that matters is that I got out alive. Nancy wasn’t as lucky. For awhile the survivors guilt added to my various physical and mental health issues. Then I realized that I have the incredible gift of being a medium with The Voices who help me write my stories. When, not if, when I make the New York Times Bestseller list I’ll be able to do more. My upcoming trilogy of Odessa’s life is going to get us there.

I vividly recall exactly what I was doing on a Monday five years  ago today and the nervous breakdown I had as the news of the tragedy kept unfolding. One of my ways of healing was to promise Nancy that I would speak out about this issue – steroid use, post concussion syndrome, and especially domestic violence. Couple abuse coupled with post concussion syndrome produce blackouts where the person in this daze does not know what they are doing. My ex described it as nothing but a blur. I have no doubt that Chris was in one of these stupors when he killed Nancy. I said I wasn’t going to cry, but it’s a Monday night and  just reread an article from Paul Heyman written in 2008 that sums this up better than I ever could – Heyman Hustle.

If you have read my Ring Dreams series, you have already seen Bryson struggling with an addiction to steroids, and as the series continues, I plan on weaving his steroid and post concussion syndrome further into the story. Courtney and Billy discuss it with her lawyer in Spell Struck when she goes to seek custody of her daughter. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out in the series since I just write what The Voices tell me to say.

Here is the link to my Amazon Author Page that shows all my books. You can also search for Jezebel Jorge on Barnes & Noble to find downloads for your Nook, I don’t get a lot of sales from Nook, but it I make the $10 to get a check for June I’ll donate that statement too.

It would also be a very good thing to send prayers, love, and positive energy to families of both Chris and Nancy. I know Chris’ father was devastated by that horrific weekend and Chris has two children from a previous marriage that need to be remembered as well. It would be incredibly nice of the WWE to support this foundation, but they have chosen to pretend it never happened and have erased both Chris and Nancy from their tape library.

Ignoring the situation does nothing to help the many wrestlers that still abuse steroids and deal with post concussion syndrome on a daily basis.


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