Under My Skin

If you are looking for a hot weekend read then Georgia Fox’s Under My Skin is the perfect choice.

Here’s the Evernight Blurb: Kelly Minton hides away in a Manhattan apartment building, amusing herself by striking fear in the hearts of the other residents and especially the lazy superintendent. When she’s not slicing into someone with her merciless tongue, she’s writing erotic stories on her faithful computer and listening to Frank Sinatra at all hours, much to the irritation of her neighbors. Since her father owns the building, no one dares stand up to her notoriously frosty temper.

But all that is about to change for Kelly when the mailman delivers to the wrong box and she finds that the sexy new resident in the apartment below is not about to let her reputation as “The Shrew in 4C” stop him from getting to the root of her issues, as well as into her panties. And under her skin.

Kelly is my kind of heroine, a little bit flawed with a whole lot of attitude. Frank Sinatra brought back memories of “Roger” crooning love songs to me on a hot summer night. Oh, those blue eyes and all the other things that man could do with his tongue… But I digress…

Georgia knows how to write a sex scene that will make your ereader sizzle. I especially enjoyed the flinging dildo, the ice cubes, and the anal scene brought back such fond memories of my beloved enjoying the pleasures of my hot little backside. <swoon>

There is also a very nice story worked in there amid all the sizzle and spice. Being a spirit guide, I simply adored the ending… Not that I’m gonna give away any spoilers.

My only complaint is it took my human way too long to finish this book. I believe it was three times that Jez had to stop reading and give the boy toy an emergency booty text. So, if you happen to be a boy toy waiting for a booty call, this book would make a nice gift for your cougar girl. 😉

This story gets my highest praise of 5 swirling snakes.


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