Dog is God Spelled the Right Way

Here I am as a very young and naturally blond little witch posing with the first dog to ever steal my heart, my beloved Shag. I don’t know how Shag got his name. I think my Great Uncle Weston let me pick Shag out from a little of collie puppies. He lived across the road from my Nanny and Granddaddy with Shag’s brother Butch. He was Nanny’s baby brother, the black sheep of the family. An alcoholic, married six or seven times, with a Cajun final wife from Louisiana. Talk about a great character for a book.

Shag lived with Nanny and Granddaddy on their farm in a little community called Hamburg, deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in the summer going for walks through the woods with Nanny and Shag. We spent every Sunday evening there, enjoying my Nanny’s country cooking. That’s where I got the idea for the leather britches that Billy refers to in Desire. Leather britches are green beans strung on a string and hung on the porch over the summer to dry out. In the winter time Nanny would cook them with a slab of fat back.

While Shag and I didn’t live together, he was most definitely my dog. He was very protective of me, much like my Harry dog is today. Shag never wore a collar or walked on a leash. He had the run of my grandparents farm. He slept on the back porch and ate leftovers. He was a true country dog, always following me and Nanny on our walks to the woods or going with me and Granddaddy to the Mill Pound to get a cold drink of water from a mountain stream.

Shag lived a good life on the farm. He didn’t let to many people pet him because he was my dog. I wish I could take Harry back to that farm and let him romp around the way Shag and I used to play in the front yard under the shadow of a huge Weeping Willow tree.

If there is one thing you might need to know about me it is that I love dogs lots more than most people. All my books have dogs in included in the story.

In Headlocks and Hexes Bryson has his Rottweiler Wahoo and Allison has her Rottie and Lab mix Ruthie. Dylan gets his Rottie puppy Nicki in that story and takes the pup on the road with him in Spell Struck. Lizzie’s brother’s girlfriend Rita rescues a mix breed named Dixie in Desire. In my YA novel Shattered Amalie has Ginger a Golden Retriever as her best four legged friend.

I even managed to sneak my favorite dog sitting client Marvey into Snow Angel, my erotic short story from Evernight Publishing’s Stockings & Suspenders Holiday Anthology. Marvey is an Olde English Bulldog, and just like her namesake in the story, she is a total diva girl.

A life without dogs wouldn’t be a life worth living. I always say that Harry rescued me instead of me rescuing him. There were many a dark day when he was my only reason to get out of bed in the morning. He still wakes me up every morning and makes sure I get my exercise with our daily walks. If it came down to it I could count on one han the number of people who’s life I value more than my Harry baby.

Dog really is God spelled as it’s meant to be…


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