50 Shades of Freak

The moment has arrived… I have finally decided to share my marketing plan with Jez and tell her 50 nasty little tales. Instead of keeping her up all night pounding away on her MacBook I had decided to let her rest before we set forth on our quest.

She thinks she’s going to call upon Roger tonight to get a glimpse of things from his perspective. Bring it on my pretty. He can drop by and fuck her silly, but this is my series and it’s going to be told in my point of view. So, fuck you Roger.

Ooh, I believe I did. Now, didn’t I?

My first taste of freakiness involves me and Roger. Along with silk sashes. Some light bondage. Strawberries dipped in chocolate. And… well, you’re just gonna have to wait for the rest.

Let’s just say Jez had to break out her trusty vibrator as I whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

Don’t expect any “down there” from me. Pussy. Cunt. Slit. Clit.

Or if you wanna get technical vagina.

I know what I like and I’m not the type of gal who’s shy about expressing her demands.

Stay tuned… Because my stories are going to make your ereader steam up and overheat.






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