Dirty Weekend

My latest release – Dirty Weekend – has been released on the cyberverse. This is a Ring Dreams Novella coming in at around 25500 words. In this story we take a trip back in time to the weekend where a 16 year old Courtney first seduces pro wrestling legend Billy Dalton.


This story contains graphic and explicit sex scenes and is intended for mature open minded readers. First we have the age difference between Courtney and Billy and the fact that she’s supposed to be dating his youngest son Dylan. Courtney also has a little fun with the territory’s hot new babyface Chase Storm. Then she later has a threesome with Chase and Miguel Alvarez with some guy on guy action. You’ll be seeing more of Miguel in future.

For all the buy links, blurb, etc you can check out the Dirty Weekend Page over at my Jezebel Jorge blog.

I’m going to start out making Dirty Weekend only .99 cents at Amazon, but the price will be going up soon.

This story started out with the intention of being just a fun dirty little Ring Dreams snippet. Of course Courtney decided otherwise and it turned into a full blown novella. I already have a sequel in the works, most likely called Puerto Rican Heat. Courtney will be having some fun in Puerto Rico with Miguel and his wife, the dark haired beauty Selene. I already have a smoking hot photo of Selene to use on the cover art.

My abilities as a medium come to play in this story. I had some help from the other side in booking the wrestling scene. My dear friend Eddie Gilbert came through and booked the match for me from the other side. Courtney started demanding a fight scene with Bryson – I know image Courtney and Bryson fighting – and I was totally stuck on how to write it until I channeled Eddie for some help from one of the smartest and funniest guys ever to step into the squared circle.

I experienced some pretty intense emotions while writing this one because Courtney’s feelings for Billy mirror my feelings for my first love. I was 19 when we first met and he was past 40. I guess that’s why Courtney fell for a guy old enough to be her father.

A good writer is always supposed to leave their heart on the page and I think I really did with this one. Sure, it has a lot of smut, but I hope I was able to adequately convey why Courtney has always been so emotionally attached to Billy.

As always, reviews, tags, likes, retweets, and any promo you can provide, are greatly appreciated. If you have a review site and would be interested in reading this story for review just let me know and I will be glad to send you a free download in the file format of your choice.

I hope you enjoy reading Dirty Weekend just as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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