Our Quandary


I’d like to wish all my Pagan friends a Happy Lammas. Being a witch with Celiac Disease,  a festival of the wheat harvest isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. So, instead of brooding about want I can’t eat I have decided to focus on what I have harvested this past year. Since this past Samhain I have released 3 full length novels in my Ring Dreams series –  Headlocks & Hexes, Desire, and Spell Struck. I have a young adult novel – Shattered. I have a Ring Dreams Novella in Dirty Weekend. I have Ring Dreams Snippets in Wanton and Wicked Desires. I also have a stand alone anti-Valentine’s day ghost story in Infinity.

Odessa and I are hard at work on her 50 Flavors of Freak series with the first draft of the first story done and we are making steady progress on the second story. This is what brings us to a bit of a quandary…

When I first started writing my Ring Dreams series I had no idea that Odessa had once been a real person. She didn’t start coming through as my Spirit Guide until March of last year.

Our dilemma is now that she wants her real story told (under the guise of fiction of course) I have learned that William Fletcher from our Ring Dreams series was actually a combination of her two lovers who were also very real people. I’ve channeled both of them and know and have confirmed their real identities.

We very briefly introduced a character named Roger in Shattered. That is the first of her two loves. So do we go forth with the disclaimer that now we’re telling Odessa’s real story and kick William to the curb? Or do we just keep calling the second character William?

The thing is Odessa is insisting on leaving William behind and going with another name for her beloved. A name very close to his real identity. We would also have to relocate William from New Orleans to Tampa for authenticity and change the circumstance surrounding his death. The true story of his death is basically the premise of the third book in Odessa’s trilogy. This character’s real wife is nothing like Dinera, William’s wife in the Ring Dreams series.

No, Odessa is not about to even give consideration to changing her name. She has made it very clear that is not an option.

Tonight’s full moon is the Dream Heron Moon. The heron is considered a bird that can lead us through the veil to commune with the other side. Odessa has already spoken and this is her story, but perhaps I should call upon both her lovers tonight and ask how they feel about the situation.

I don’t guess a lot of other authors go through this since they aren’t mediums and aren’t dealing with a very strong and intense Spirit Guide who is bound and determined to have her story told.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, so feel free to comment…


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