Bad Blood


I really enjoyed this hot story with a different take on your traditional vampire tale. Jez is really picky about her vampire books and we both agreed that Cherie totally nailed this one. Ms. Denis has a classic voice to her writing. What you might call smut done right. Screw that horrid 5o Shades of Grey and enjoy some quality erotic at a more affordable price.

The characters are well developed. The sex is graphically hot. There is a very intriguing plot and best of all I adored the ending. I hope there will be a sequel because I have to give this novella my highest recommendation of 5 swirling snakes.

Bad Blood is currently available exclusively on Siren in your choice of file formats.

Visit Cherie Denis online at

She was also nice enough to allow me to give you a little sneak peek inside this fabulous book…

Bad Blood Excerpt:

Chapter One


Colin DeClain III climbed out of the high feather bed and strode nude to the double French doors. Shoulders hunched, hands gripped behind his back, he stood staring out into the dark. It didn’t matter what was out there because he’d seen it all many times before. The fact he could see little or nothing didn’t bother him one whit. He’d been here so long, so very long. So long, in fact, he’d lost count of the years.

As far as he was concerned, his life and memory began the day he met her.

He watched clouds cover the moon. Gloom and doom, suited his mood perfectly.

The woman curled up in his bed slept silent as the dead. Her long glorious hair spread out like a golden fan around her. Some of her curls covered half her precious face and much of her left shoulder. The tip of her left breast peeked out from her curls, teasing and tormenting him.

His cock stirred, filling and rising, pulling his balls up tight against his body. He was exhausted. He’d given his all, and she, in return, had given back as good as she got. She was a perfect lover. He’d been very lucky. The women of the late 1700s weren’t afraid to show a lot of bosom at parties, but they were afraid and untrained in the ways to please a man. Many men took care of their needs at the homes of high-class prostitutes, otherwise known as “ladies of the evening.” It was a secret most wives knew about and chose to ignore. Colin had heard many of his friends complain about the cold fish that lay in their beds and the cost of a talented woman willing to do anything he asked.

Clarissa was not like those women at all. She had told him she found making love exhilarating, and given half a chance, she would accommodate her beloved Colin all day long if he so pleased.

He couldn’t resist her siren’s call. Even asleep, her very soul called to him. “Colin, darling, come to me.” Her soft whisper filled the room, making his cock throb. Her voice was only in his mind. She was dead to the world.

He couldn’t go on much longer. The whole thing was beginning to nauseate him. He loved his beautiful Clarissa with all his heart. The things he did to her made him ashamed and sick to his stomach.

Colin stood next to the bed and brushed Clarissa’s curls away from her face. He leaned over to kiss her. His belly clenched, and he gagged. Had he done that to her? Devil take him. How could he have damaged her beautiful, soft skin? It disgusted him, and yet he could not stop.

His cock shriveled and flopped against his balls.

He watched silently as the large, deep, bloody gouges closed until there was nothing left but two tiny marks like mosquito bites. Soon her skin would be as soft, rosy, and flawless as it had been only an hour ago.

Colin was not tired. He never slept at night. He sat on the edge of the bed and stroked his hand down her smooth, silky back and cupped her bottom cheek. Even asleep, she lifted her bottom toward his touch. He stroked down the back of her calf and up to cup her bottom. Her left leg slid off her right and gave him a glimpse of the swollen petals of her labia.

Everything about her was beautiful and soft. Even her vaginal lips were as delicate as a flower. His cock rose again. He wanted to be inside her, with her internal muscles clamping his cock tightly. He could slide into her now, and she would not stir. He preferred her awake when they made love, but sometimes he simply couldn’t stop himself from enjoying her delightful body.

He would not be rough. He would never be able to live with himself if he hurt her in any way. Well, any other way than the one way he couldn’t seem to stop. He eased his fingers between her legs, and Clarissa moaned in her sleep.

Poor darling, she was exhausted, and it was his entire fault.

She was a beautiful, loving, sweet wife and as near as he knew she had no idea what he did to her every night. Every morning she woke, pale and freezing cold, and he hated himself more and more for the evilness in his soul.

Even worse, the smell and taste of her blood were no longer pleasurable. But, he couldn’t seem to stop himself. She was his whole life. Without her, he would be dead. Shriveled to dust in a matter of hours. But, if he continued to take her life’s blood, she would be dead. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her.

If he died, would she miss him?

Clarissa told him constantly how much she loved him. He held her heart in the palm of his hand.

She had no idea how right she was about her heart and more.

Would she continue to love him if he told her his secret?

Deep in his heart Colin could feel their time coming to an end. Her delicate body could not keep up with his hunger. He tried. Oh how he’d tried not to drain her, but every evening it became harder and harder to control his lust for her blood.

Clarissa stirred and smiled in her sleep.

Colin leaned close and touched his lips softly to hers.

A tiny frown wrinkled her usually smooth forehead.

Did his breath smell of blood? Colin gagged at the thought. He must brush his teeth.

Colin ignored the black draped mirror in his bathing room. How he loved the modern amenities of the nineteenth century. When he had inherited the mansion fifty years ago, it had been almost in ruins. He had spent a fortune renovating it. The bathing rooms had large marble tubs with running water, heated by a wonderful invention housed in the basement.

The sinks and water closets also had hot and cold running water.

There was even a lovely gold piece of equipment the contractor had told him was called a shower.

Colin loved to wash Clarissa’s hair for her, and the shower nozzle made rinsing her long hair so much easier.

Colin sprinkled his toothbrush liberally with tooth powder and scrubbed his teeth and tongue, rinsing and scrubbing his whole mouth again. A final rinse and he felt much cleaner. Now he could kiss Clarissa without her catching a whiff of putrid breath.

She was deeply asleep. She always slept the sleep of the dead after they made love. Yes, he was a good lover, but it wasn’t the main reason she slept so hard. She slept deeply because he had come close to draining her yet again.

He kissed her, touched her face, and sighed. “I love you so much, my darling.” He couldn’t keep on using her for his blood source. He would either have to find another, find the cure for his disease, or die.

He slid his hand between her velvet-soft thighs and brushed against her labia. She trembled in her sleep and rolled to her back. He spread her thighs and raised her knees, opening her body to him.

He leaned forward and suckled her clit, gently at first then harder. Soon her clitoris was as hard and swollen as a small cock. He licked and sucked, making her moan in her sleep. Her legs dropped open and showed him the dark-pink interior of her vagina.

He suckled her clit and slipped two fingers in and out of her wet slit.

Clarissa groaned and began to wake. “Oh, Colin, thank goodness it wasn’t a dream. What you’re doing feels so good. Lick me harder. Push your fingers deeper.” She held up her arms, inviting him to move higher on her body. “Suck my nipples. They ache for the touch of your tongue and teeth. Please, darling—don’t stop.”

Colin was no longer hungry for her blood. He was satiated for the moment. Making love this time would be for their pleasure only.

He ignored her pleading and used his tongue to fuck her. He slid his hands up her body and cupped her breasts. He ran his fingers softly over her nipples, working them into hard knots, which he pinched and pulled on until she was a writhing mass of womanhood.

“More, Colin. Give me more. Fuck me, my darling. I beg of you.”

Colin raised his head high enough to peer over her pubic mound and smile. “Such language from a lady. I should spank your bottom for such naughty words.”

“Ooo, would you spank me, darling?”

“Of course, if you insist on using naughty words.”

She grinned. “Fuck me, Colin. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”



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