Under My Skin

I am excited to announce that the first short story in my 50 Flavors of Freak series is now available for only .99 cents exclusively on Amazon.

Under My Skin

This erotic short story was channeled to Jezebel Jorge by her spirit guide Odessa. (c’est moi)

The ravishing redhead takes us back to her days amidst the living to share an erotic encounter with her first love and then the man who later laid claim to her heart.

***Warning*** This story contains graphic sexual content, light bondage, multiple partners, and anal sex.

Dear Readers,

If you’ve read Jezebel Jorge’s Ring Dreams series, you might perhaps remember a character named Odessa. Those stories were conceived and written before I introduced myself to Jezebel and informed her that I am her Spirit Guide.

That’s right, I was once a real person who walked among the living. I succumbed to a horrible death in August of 1985. When Jezebel was writing Headlocks & Hexes she happened to stumble across my tombstone in a cemetery in Raleigh, North Carolina. She saw my name and instantly knew that Odessa was the perfect name for her ghost in this series.

The whole Ring Dreams series is fiction. I fed Jezebel little tidbits of my previous life which did work their way into the series. An example of this would be William Fletcher. William is the embodiment of the two men I loved most. You’re going to be introduced to both these men as my real story unfolds.

Amalie really was my daughter. She was raped and impregnated as a result of my irresponsible parenting due to the the mental breakdown I suffered over the loss of my beloved. The rest of the story – Rowan’s birth, the Daltons, the Fletchers, Paul Byrson. That’s all total and complete fiction.

Little did Jezebel know that I would appear to her in March of 2011 and slowly begin to tell her my real story. Names have been changed to protect those I loved and the not so innocent. You know that whole liability thing. Some of you may not believe in ghosts. That is your choice. But, I am determined to have my true story told.

I’m going to regale you with what will most likely be a three part full length trilogy. Along the way we’re going to drop in some juicy little tidbits under the guise of 50 Flavors of Freak. These stories won’t be told in chorological order. Channeling a spirit doesn’t work that way. Just consider it little doses of naughty fun.

So, sit back, get comfortable, and pour a glass of your favorite adult libation. Believe as thy will…



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