Free Freak


Hello humans and those from the other side with Internet connections.Yes, Roger darling, I do know you’ve been spying on me with our dear friend’s fancy new iPhone. Carmella is sending healing energies to our friend, or should I say Jez’s past life boy toy, as I type. My only past life living friend had an accident involving a broken hip and a busted 12 pack. Dude can’t party like he used to.

Any hoo… You have until midnight to hustle (Shout out to you know who) over to Amazon and download Under My Skin for free, nada, zero, zilch… what a freaking deal.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I am a spirit guide. Don’t call me a ghost because that angers me. Roger is a mere ghost. I am a guide sent to this side to help Jez and along the way she’s going to help me by telling my story.

Under My Skin is my freaky little short story involving the two loves of my past life – Roger and Graham. There’s some light bondage, strawberries, snakes, and plenty of freak. This ain’t no 50 Shades of Grey because I don’t refer to my pussy as down there and I damn sure know where my clitoris is and how it works. Roger does too, I might add.

We are hard at work on Volume 2 – The Lady Is A Tramp – and should be releasing it soon. You’re going to meet Katie, Jez in her past life, in this one. And of course there’s a heaping helping of my men Roger and Graham. We’re going way back in time to one of my first trips to New York. No offense to anyone but Jez’s favorite ex, but I was never much of a fan of the Big Apple. Do you know how hard it is to summon a snake in such a big city? Trust me, it’s not easy, but I do it.

So, go download my little story for FREE, savor every word, and we’d really appreciate it if you enjoy the story to leave us a quick review. You don’t have to have a Kindle to download ebooks from Amazon, just install their free app to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or for you poor people still using Windows, PC or Android device.


I guess I should also mention that slut Courtney’s story is on sale this weekend over at All Romance Ebooks. That’s right you can get Spell Struck for only $1.49. It’s a full length novel loaded with smut. My appearances alone are well worth the sale price.

You can get a .pdf version that opens in Adobe reader or an .epub that will work on your Nook or various other ereading devices, and there is also a .mobi format for the Kindle. So, if you’ve not read this book I am sure Courtney will shock you with all the slutty things she does with that cute hunk of a boy toy Alex and our favorite stud muffin Billy Dalton.





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