With Samhain fast approaching the viel between this world and the beyond gets thinner every day. For a medium this is both the best and the worst time of the year. Image multiple voices screaming inside your head. Each of them demanding to be heard and more than that wanting their stories told.

Odessa is the queen of super shielding, but when it comes to a couple of spirits she lets them run amok. That would be mainly her beloved. He’s been coming through very strongly since Sunday. Normally, I throughly enjoy his visits. Much as I imagine he was in his previous existence, he is very charismatic and dare I say hot as hell. He’s one of those men who just oozed sex appeal. He was damn near a genius in his chosen profession and I’ve always loved a man with a brain and exceptional promo skills.

He desperately wants me to see Odessa through his eyes. He wants me to write the story he’s telling me, yet he doesn’t want it published. He just wants it written for me, him, and Odessa. With so many other projects in the works it’s kind of annoying to have him expect me to put everything aside and write something that I won’t be able to publish and sell.

Her beloved has also informed me that he wants me to hurry and finish Odessa’s story because he wants her to leave with him. I think he wants to come back and try another lifetime in human form with Odessa as his one and only lover. The thing is she’s a spirit guide. That pretty much means she’s not coming back to walk amongst the living. She’s done with her time in a mortal body. I suppose that’s between the two of them.

I know in their spirit forms they can how shall I say consumate their love. I’ve felt the energy the two of them build. I don’t think spirit sex is quite as physically satisfying as in this realm. Mainly because they are orbs of energy with no human form. Odessa doesn’t always dig it, but I love when he uses my body to show his love for her.

All I know for sure is that I do not want Odessa to leave me. I think that’s why I keep putting off her story. I do not want to let her go. I know I am being selfish. I want to tell her story to the best of my ability and give her and her beloved the closure they need to move on to where ever they are meant to be next.

So, I have a super hot spirit wanting me to tell his story. A story that no one will ever see other than us. What can I do other than give in to his desires? I guess it is time to finish this up and free Odessa to be with her beloved.

Sometimes talking to the dead isn’t a walk in the park. I’m just the conduit. All I can do is listen and dictate and learn.

And so it is…


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