Candle Magick

In order to get my creative juices flowing this morning I thought I share my newly laid altar and explain the art of casting a spell. If you’ve ever blown out a birthday candle you’ve cast a spell. Candle magick is just that simple. You pour your energy into the candle, envision your intentions, and ask for assistance from the divine.

Any type of candle will work because it’s your intentions that provoke the spell. There are Reiki charged candles that you can purchase. The purple creativity candle in the center of my altar is one of such. It comes with a piece of paper with a meditation and words you can borrow from. These candles provide a little extra juice for a witch and give a novice a push in the right direction with formatting their spell.

I’m not a fan of using someone else’s spell candles, although you can do a google search and find them anywhere. Spells a personal and you should never duplicate another’s words. Odessa used to make and sell spell candles, so I use her energy to turn an ordinary candle to meet our needs. A candle from the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart will work just as good as a candle triple the price from another vendor. It’s your intentions and your and your guides energy that you want going into your spell. Personally, I don’t want anyone else’s karma going into my spellwork.

A witches altar is always laid with very personal and unique items. Some are a constant such as my chalice with my abundance frog, a crystal tower for summoning positive energy, a shedded snake skin when one is available (used to connect with my spirit guide Odessa) and a blue candle for drawing in protective spirit. I wear a pentacle on a silver chain around my neck for protection and grounding. My green froggie sits beside my altar for fun and luck.

Being a medium, I always have to have a candle to connect me to spirit. This candle can be reused until it is spent. It’s okay to reuse a candle if it’s always being burned with the same intention. Never reuse a candle for a different purpose. It will confuse and disburse the energy and lose it’s effectiveness.

I begin by lighting some incense. What you choose can depend on your intentions or even just your mood. I went with Dragon’s Blood today because it’s a scent that appeals to me and sparks my creativity. Next I light my blue spirit candle. Then I spend time in meditation holding each candle while I state my intentions and visualize the outcome. I am a Reiki 2 so I’m able to charge my own candles with Reiki energy. After the candle is charged I light it from the flame of the spirit candle and place it on my altar.

You can also use a anthame to carve words or symbols into your candles before they are lit or anoint them with essential oils. I normally use the oils on figure candles, not usually on votives. It’s just a matter of preference. You can also write down your intentions and place the paper under the candle or if it’s a spell to get rid of a negative influence burn the paper over the candles flame.

For this spell I first used a cinnamon votive for the sweet smell of success. Then I lit a cider/evergreeen scented green candle for abundance of words and future sales. I visualized the success I want to come from this manuscript while I held it and meditated. This candle is a small pillar so it can be reused through the length of working on this manuscript. I’ll probably light multiple votive candles and go with different scents and colors depending on my intentions on a specific day.

I always center the most important candle, in this case the purple creativity candle. It will burn out before I finish the manuscript, but I will keep the wax drippings on the altar. After the first draft I might light another Reiki charged candle for clarity when editing. When it’s time for the formatting and uploading I like to use a yellow candle for positive energy. I’ve found an orange candle helps when writing erotic or deeply sensual scenes.

The colors of the candles are as limitless as your imagination. Different colors can mean different things to each person. When selecting your candles listen to your guides and go with your instincts. There is no right or wrong. It’s all about what feels right to you in your particular situation.

Happy Writing!


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