Word by Word


Jezebel some times gets distracted by all the Voices running amok inside her head. So many spirits demanding to be heard. I do my best to shield, but I have no power to block the two loves of my previous life. That whole NanoWritMo thing didn’t go so well because she can’t write on cue. I mean, I don’t think 30,000 in one month is all that bad. Especially for someone who writes a fairly clean first draft. Jez has never been the type to just let the words spill. She listens to the Voices and does her best to accurately dictate our stories.

I’ll confess I’m not the easiest spirit to deal with at times. Then there was Mercury in Retrograde for several weeks. In case you don’t know, Mercury is the planet of communication. With that all out of whack it made it really hard for her to put her thoughts into words. She said she could see the story in her head, but just couldn’t get it down on the page.

Jez is also a moon in Aquarius which means she is very influenced by the sway of the moon. Things get very murky for her in the last days before a new moon. I usually allow her to use this time to read and not get frazzled by even trying to write. I’ve found this keeps her on a more even keel.

I hate to say this, but I believe it’s time to call her out… Jez has not been very good at sticking to a gluten free diet. For someone such as herself with celiac disease, it’s kinda like slowly poisoning herself to a long and painful death. She tires easily, stays agitated except when she scoffing down carbs, and develops a bad case of brain fizz. Not a good thing for a writer. We’ve done a much better job of cleaning up her diet in the past few days. One of the reasons she’s awake right now instead of napping away her Sunday.

It’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed by the enormousness of writing a whole book. 100,000 words can seem like a daunting task. That is why today I am reminding her that books are written one word at a time. Word by word. Sentence by sentence. Paragraph by paragraph. Chapter by chapter. Until the entire story is told. It’s not the amount of words that make the page each day. It’s about telling our story the best way it needs to be told.

Word by Word.

This has been Odessa…

Blessed be!


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