That is the most accurate photo I could find of Odessa’s 1967 metallic silver Mercedes 280SL convertible. The car was a gift from her beloved to appease her while she was pregnant with Amalie in 1969. He drove the car himself, buying brand new in 1967, so it held his energy and essence, which of course she adored.  I chose to use it as the photo for this post because there are few things more motivating than a sleek new car. I also want to put it out there into the universe that I will soon be in need of replacing my VW Beetle. Law of attraction at work here.

I am sitting at my desk in my writing room ready to move forward with my life. There will be an abundance of words produced today. I’ve lit a white candle for purity of spirit and will soon be lighting a Reiki charged burgundy motivation candle to seal my spell.

I will the energy contained within this candle to heal, harmonize and balance my being. It is time to move forward. I let go of holding on to old bad habits. I look at the magick of the new. I seek heart and soul to change.

May light and love surround and protect me in all my endeavors.

I will it so… So be it…




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