Sex With Spirits



And by spirits, I mean those who have crossed over, not the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

This is probably one of those post that should begin with Gordon Solie looking into the camera and stating, “Don’t try this one at home, fans.”

With that out of the way…

Last night Dess was feeling quite, how shall we say, amorous. Her Beloved  was coming through almost as intensely.  So… We decided to try a little something new.

He’s came to me before in some deeply erotic dreams where he’s used my body to communicate his love for Dess. Let’s just say I’ve woken up more than once with obvious human bite marks in some pretty weird places.

Now, this is the part where we throw in the disclaimer because I think a medium would have to be extremely bonding to her guide to even consider attempting what we did. It also helps that I have a very strong attraction to her Beloved. Otherwise, I don’t think it would have worked.

I gave Dess permission to lull me into a spiritual realm outside of my own skin and allowed her to possess my body. She then took control of my body and used it to make love to her Beloved.

I was there. I could see everything, but it was like watching a movie. It was him and Dess. I was just a casual bystander.

When their desire was consummated I was able to feel the very pleasurable aftereffects of her orgasm. At this point it like some kind of chemical high. I was so blissed out I slept very deeply. Dess was sated so I just her happiness rubbed off on me.

I don’t think it’s something we will do regularly because it does require a great deal of energy vibration on all our parts. But, damn it sure is a fun once in awhile treat.

Yes, ghosts still have sexual urges and under the proper circumstance they know how to and are able to satisfy their desires.

If you have any comments or questions Dess and I will be glad to try to provide further explanation.



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