What If?


Odessa and I were pondering a lot of what if’s… last night.

What if that horrible Sunday in 1985 had turned out differently?

Imagine if her Beloved had been able to do what they had planned that morning.

Monday morning he would have gone by his office and made arrangements for his good friend to run things in his absence. Then he would have gone to the bank and withdrawn a lot of cash. He’d had sold his Mercedes and then gotten a ride to where he stored his plane. He’d have flown to Raleigh to start a new life with Odessa.

It would have been hard at first. Both of them would have needed to sober up, but together they could have done it. He would have had to have swallowed his pride and let Dess take care of him until he got control of his health. They would of had plenty of money to live on. Her house in Raleigh was paid for. She could have sold her candles and potions and not of even had to touch most of the cash.

He would have laid low until his divorce and some other financial problems in Florida were resolved. He might have made a few appearances for Crockett and would have gotten a nice pay off for being there at Starrcade. He would have also made sure his territory was represented at the event. As for the situation with Amalie, he would have beat the shit out of his son. Then Odessa would have made sure that problem went away. Together they would have been able to be there for their daughter to where she would have finished high school and gone on to medical school like Amalie wanted.

After the divorce he would have positioned himself to be booking the TBS Tapings. They would have probably moved to Atlanta during this time. His booking would have made the TV product much better and he would have kept his territory strong in the process.

He would have seen how Dusty was bankrupting Crockett and would have just kept quiet and considered it a dose of karma. I think he would have gone along with the Turner buyout for a serious chunk of cash and his tape collection would have been excluded from the deal. Turner would have then put him in charge of running WCW. They would have been on a level playing field with the WWF. He would have known when to step down and enjoy his retirement. There might even still be two major territories today.

When it came time to go into the WWE Hall of Fame he would have gotten a very good payoff and control of the developmental territory out of Tampa. His son would have run the program under his supervision. His grandson would be a WWE Superstar now.

They would have retired to small house on the bay. Amalie would be a successful doctor and would bring her kids to visit on holidays. He would have enjoyed spending time with his granddaughter and his great granddaughter. He would have crossed over peacefully in his sleep with Dess soon following him.

Isn’t it amazing how the events of one single day could have changed the outcome of so many different lives?

What if…


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