Young Love



This photo kinda reminded me of a late 20 something version of Odessa. She would have been paler, taller and even skinnier, but I can see her like this on the beach seeking solstice with her snakes.

I’m in the process of outlining her relationship with the man we’ll call Roger. It’s left me wondering why their affair fizzled from it’s original passion and languished for several years before they reconnected. Both of them have been in my ear with insight on the state of them.

When they first met Odessa was only sixteen. Roger had recently turned forty and was about to embark on the most intense years of his career with an exhausting travel schedule. As much as he adored his young daughter, he resented not being the center of attention in his marriage. During this time his days at home were few and far between. A young and willing Odessa was his out. She had no ties, nothing to stop her from being there when and where he wanted her.

The initial attraction was purely physical. Odessa was stunningly gorgeous and the tall, long legged redhead made the perfect accessory. She made him feel like a God and he relished her adoration.

Odessa kept him sated sexually and took care of him in ways that no other woman could ever image. She was a empath to her lovers, feeling his pain and taking it from him. At this point in his career, the ring and the grueling travel were starting to take a toll on his health. She was there to tend to his wounds, take care of his gear, and her quirky personality made her an interesting travel companion.

His being gone for long stretches had both it’s positives and negatives. Those same traits he found so endearing in small doses would have probably grated on his nerves if he’d been around her every day. The snakes, her picky eating habits, volatile mood swings and later her drinking did take their toll on the relationship.

They were both furiously possessive of the other. While he met all her financial needs, she got incredibly lonely and jealous when he was on the road without her. That’s why she turned to the man we’ll call Graham.

Roger didn’t share his toys and Odessa was his living doll. Despite being married himself, he was devastated by her dalliances with Graham. She was the one woman he couldn’t bend to his will.

Odessa also had a sadistic streak that Roger refused to indulge. He made love to her. Graham fucked her brains out. She loved his roughness and embraced his demons. She catered to his dark side and let it envelop her in a dangerous way.

If not for Graham, Roger would have have made Odessa his third wife. He was planning a divorce when he learned of her betrayal. We’ll never know what might have happened had she not given in to Graham.

Odessa calls Graham her Beloved and they were soul mates.

Still, Roger always kept a silver her heart all to himself.



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