The Loss of Innocence – Farmboy to Playboy

Normally I wouldn’t post such a negative review, but The Loss of Innocence – Farmboy to Playboy by Deven Michaels is an embarrassment to the wrestling business.

This guy is his own biggest mark and comes across as a horrible human being with no respect for women. The only thing this book really has to do about the wrestling business is that Jake Roberts conned him out of 2 grand to supposedly train him.

The formatting is horrible, the grammar is even worse, and the self-delusion is over the top. This poor guy claims to be well-read, yet he doesn’t know the difference between chic and chick, setting and sitting, ahead and a head, whole and hole, and on and on an on. Dare I even mention all the LOLs from the author.

If you can overlook the bad writing, the story is decent if you want to read about a total screw up of a man’s life. I feel horrible for his wife and another other women (or as he not so kindly refers to them all as whores) that gave him the time of day. Guys that go around boasting about the size of their penis usually don’t really have all that much to brag about. Do you hear Robert Fuller going around talking about the size of his penis? Nope, and his happens to be of legendary proportions.

This book has next to nothing to do about the real world of pro wrestling and shouldn’t be priced at more than .99 cents.


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