Comfort Zones


Thanks to Carmella, Odessa has been put in Spirit Guide time out. Carmella seems to believe that Dess overindulges and encourages my weaknesses and tendencies of escapism. What got us in trouble was a very large bottle of Kinky liqueur disappearing in one weekend. Dess and I totally have that whole empath thing going on and she was an alcoholic in her previous incarnation. When Dess tells me a story I often feel her exact emotions as if I were living them myself. Not in of itself a bad thing, but, apparently Carmella believes that Odessa is indulging her love of liquor through me. So, Carmella went to the head honcho master guide for her own brand of intervention. Upon her recommendation, Iam has placed Dess in time out and put Carmella in charge.

Spirit Guide 101: The alpha guide (until now, Dess) is the one who lets other spirits come through. They control the gateway to the other side. This guide has the remote, so to speak.

Carmella is now the operator allowing spirit to communicate with me. Dess has always been a very possessive alpha guide. She doesn’t like to share my attention with any spirits who don’t have some type of connection to her. Carmella is much more open and wants to push my boundaries as a medium.

A new Spirit came to me in my dreams Monday night. Her name is Claire and I know she died from cancer. She was a lesbian in love with a married woman named Annalise. Claire wants me to share her last visit with Annalise in a story. A very literary and highly erotic story.

Claire is pushing me way out of my comfort zone. So much so that I am typing this instead of working on her story. Maybe I need to spend a little more time with her, get to know her better, before I attempt to tell her story.

Carmella says that is not what needs to happen. She says I don’t have to get so attached to these Spirits. They come to me to have their story told. I don’t have to embrace them. I don’t have to make their pain mine.

I know I will never have a connection and divine bond with any other spirits as I have with Odessa. That’s okay, Carmella says. That is how it’s supposed to be.

There is a lesson in this in developing my skills as a medium. I have to learn to step back and give the character free rein to tell their story on their terms. I am not their censor. I do not judge them. I do not need to get so emotionally attached to them. It is their story to tell and not mine.

Those words that get put on the page, Carmella says, they are not of you. Spirit is speaking through you. It’s your gift to embrace, not the Spirit.

I have to learn to complete disconnect and let Spirit do all the work. I am only there to take dictation. Their stories are not mine.


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