Summer Solstice



Happy Summer Solstice, or to my mates Down Under, Winter Solstice. Depending on where you are it’s either the longest or shortest day of the year. It’s one of the four major Pagan holidays and a time for great celebrations of abundance and balance.

This Solstice and Super Moon on the 23rd mark my first weekend in my new home. I finally have a fenced in backyard where I can soak up the moon beams and do my rituals in privacy. I love my little home. It’s in a nice quiet neighborhood with great neighbors. It’s a simple cottage built in 1952 with a living room, two bedrooms, an eat in kitchen, and a bathroom with a glass pedestal sink, with an awesome shady backyard.

The veil always thins for me on the night of a full moon with Spirit running rampant, eager to converse with those of us who still walk among the living.

Solstice, of Lithia, to us Pagans, is a good time to make protective amulets. Very appropriate for me since I am in my new home. It’s a great time to burn Sage, and perhaps make a pentacle wreath to adorn the backyard.

Lithia is a special day for my spirit guide, Odessa, because on this day in 1969 she was bound eternally to her beloved in a handfasting in New Orleans.

In December of 1968 he was injured in a freak accident that tore both his retinas and left him dealing with what we know now to be post-concussion syndrome for the remainder of his life. Those that knew him well noticed he was never quite the same after that night.

It was Odessa, not his wife, who went to Houston with him for the corrective surgeries to eyes. She was the one who held his hand when he lost one of his eyes. Someone else also occurred in Houston. He might of been having vision problems, but other parts of his body were working to perfection. This is when Odessa because pregnant with their daughter Amalie.

The pregnancy had her best friend Carmella, in his words, nagging at him to make an honest woman of Dess. So, that is how the handfasting came into play.

Dess and Carmella made a road trip to New Orleans with the excuse of seeing Carmella’s mother. Along the way Carmella convinced Dess to make an elegant spaghetti strapped white chiffon gown that she wound up wearing for the ceremony. Her Beloved also got Carmella to arrange to have Dess’s sister, Olivia, flown down from Raleigh for the occasion.

Dess had known he would be flying in for the the night and then they would go on to Houston for his final doctor’s appointment with his surgeon. She didn’t know he’d gotten Carmella to plan the whole handfasting ceremony.

He says Dess was radiant with the chiffon hiding her swollen belly and her long red hair flowing down her back in spirals of curls. It was the only time in her life when Odessa probably wasn’t underweight for her 5’10” slender frame. He thought she was never more beautiful than when she carried their child in her womb.

He could have afforded to buy her a huge diamond, but after Roger, Dess never really was one for expensive jewelry. He put a simple platinum and diamond chipped wedding band on her finger and gave her pearl earrings to match her gown. I have a feeling it was Carmella who helped him make such elegant choices of gifts.

The pregnancy grounded Odessa. Everyone was amazed at the wealth of strength she possessed in dealing with his injury. She was his rock, never wavering in her love for him. He even quit drinking, at least in her presence, while she was pregnant and unable to join him with their usual escapism of alcohol.

Amalie was born a few weeks early on September 2nd, after Dess went into labor on Labor Day of all days. Carmella delivered the baby at home and Dess’s Beloved was right there by her side, this time being the one to hold her hand as their daughter came into the world.

Happy Solstice and Full Moon Blessings to All!



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