Her Mother’s Daughter



Amalie has been talking to me this morning. She came through after Dess was just telling me about our friend flying her up to Raleigh to spend her 40th and last birthday with her sister Olivia. She was delighted to find a platinum blond stowaway on the plane. The four of them went out for dinner and drinks that evening and a good time was had by all.

That got me to thinking — Where was Amalie while this was going on? So, she decided to come through and tell me.

Amalie was at home in Tampa and thrilled to me left on her own. Let’s just say she was more than stoked to get to spend her first Halloween away from her nutso mother.

In case you are wondering why Dess’s Beloved didn’t make the trip with her, Halloween and her birthday fell on a Wednesday that year. He couldn’t miss that mornings TV taping so he had his good friend fly her up on Monday and he fly up to surprise her that Wednesday night. Yes, she was in the backyard naked and in the midst of a Samhain ritual. But, that is a story for another day.

Amalie was mature for 15 and they lived in an affluent neighborhood so they saw no reason not to leave the responsible teenager on her own for a week. He picked her up from school that Monday afternoon and they went to the market to buy her a weeks worth of groceries. Then they stopped at KFC and got one of her favorite treats, a bucket of chicken with all the fixings.

As you can image Dess would have been repulsed by such a meal. I guess it was a good thing she wasn’t there. Amalie and her dad had a picnic in the backyard by the pool. She kept his glass of bourbon topped off and when he was good and pickled she asked if she could move into what had been Carmella’s apartment over the garage.

He told her he thought he should hire them a caretaker, something he’d been meaning to do ever since Carmella had gotten sick and moved back to NC that summer.

Amalie protested that she was too old to need a baby sitter and knowing how her mother was, he’d never find anyone she liked to take on such a responsibility. Carmella really wasn’t replaceable.

He said that someone needed to be there to cook and clean and look after Dess, seeing as by then she was prone to not being the most responsible individual.

Amalie pointing out that since Carmella had gone away that she had been the one to do all of that. To prove her point she offered to make him dinner the next evening.

Before he went over to the Armory that Tuesday evening he dropped by to find Amalie had made him a delicious meal of pork chops, one of his favorites. Being her mother’s daughter, she knew exactly what she was doing with serving him a nice meal and getting him liquored up. He agreed to let her move into the garage apartment providing she did the laundry, kept the house clean and made sure her mother ate at least one solid meal a day. He also agreed to bump up her allowance to an extravagant figure for a 15 year old in 1984.

He says he was relieved to get out of taking Dess grocery shopping because she would put a couple of apples and maybe some grapes in the buggy and say she was done. Dess never was much of a shopper, especially when it came to having to buy food.

It was in that apartment above the garage where Amalie really proved she was her mother’s daughter by entertaining an older guest who did things with her that shouldn’t of been happening with a 15 year old.




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