Eat a fn Grape



My human says this photo reminds her of me. I guess I can see the resemblance. Although, I would have posed with big sweet rattlesnake curled up in my arms. And, seriously, my butt nor my boobies were ever that big.

Anyhoo… Amalie is being a little brat and I just sent her into spirit time out. She keeps trying to show my human things that don’t paint the best picture of me. She’s got some nerve to come through and show Jez something she used to do that grated my very last nerve.

Amalie never once questioned or talked back to her father until Carmella passed. Then she was always telling him I drank too much. Well, maybe if the brat would have just shut the fuck up, I wouldn’t have needed a belt of bourbon to deal with her. She started kissing up to her daddy by cooking all these meat laden meals. He must have been feeling like Ward Cleaver one particular evening because he insisted we all sit down at the table and eat like a normal family.

By this time my stomach was so messed up I couldn’t join them for supper if there was a dead animal laid out on the table. I’d politely refill his drink and started excuse myself to the privacy of my boudoir, telling him to dispose of the pig corpse.

He told me and I quote, “Sit down, shut up and at least eat the fucking grapes.”

Yes, I realize he was good and pickled. That, however doesn’t excuse vulgarity at the dinner table.

I replied, “I’ll eat my fucking grapes in my fucking room and I wouldn’t be fucking you anytime soon.”

Then, I think Amalie accused us of both drinking too fucking much and carried her plate over to the couch and turned on the TV. He told her to turn off the TV and come back to the table.

She turns to him and screams, “I’ll start listening to you when you start eating here every day and sleeping here every night.”

That did not go over very well.

While he did have a toothbrush and razor in the bathroom and clean underwear in my nightstand, I guess our demon spawn was finally old enough to realize her father was living a double life with a wife on the other side of the bay.

Waiting almost 15 years to finally stand up to her wasn’t going to cut it.

Before, he’d only been around for the fun stuff, like picnics in the backyard or swimming in the pool. He was always the good guy taking her out on his boat or bribing her with trips to the book store., slipping her cash when he thought I wasn’t paying attention.

That left me cast in the role of the “evil shrew.”

Amalie was smart and sneaky manipulate, just like her daddy. And, she damn sure knew how to play him.

That whole scenario was one of the things that lead me to make the ultimatum. That, and Roger constantly in my ear going on and on about how Amalie deserved a cut of her father’s business. What about me? I’d stayed by his side for 21 years. I put up with a lot of shit in that time. The stigma of having a child out of wedlock. Always been known as the other woman. I hated every night he spent in his wife’s bed instead of mine. Dealing with an insolent child all by myself.

Is it any wonder I drank too much?



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