Roger On Dess

The spirit we refer to as Roger is here with me today.

I love it when Roger comes through. As he was in life, he’s the type of man who demands your attention. He’s such a captivating character that it’s very easy to allow him to take center stage.

But, enough about Roger. Today I asked him to tell me about Odessa.

He doesn’t come through for me as intensely as Odessa does, no one else ever does that. I mention this because I am not able to quote him word for word. What he gives me are impressions and feelings. I can hear his voice inside my head and feel him gracing us with that famous wink and sly grin.

So, with those disclaimers, here is what Roger has to tell us about Odessa…

Odessa wasn’t pretty or classically beautiful. The best word to describe her is stunning. The most incredible thing about Dess was that she never realized what a knockout she really was. She wore her looks as comfortably as one of my discarded shirts. When we were together, there were lots of discarding clothing.

Describe Dess, you ask?

The first thing anyone notices is that red hair, long and thick an blazing red like a spectacular sunset. It fell down her back, almost to her ass, in a cascade of casual curls. Trust me, she was a 100% natural red head. Both in temperament and in actuality.

Dess had these big green expressive eyes. She would curl her lips into a smile and give me a look that made me feel like she’d just stolen a part of my soul.

Her legs seemed about a mile long. How I loved her in a pair of high heels and a short or figure hugging skirt. The right shoe would put her at least six feet tall and I doubt she ever weighted much more than maybe 110 lbs. She was fine boned and almost fragile, as if she wasn’t a creature of this earth.

I don’t believe I ever saw a blemish or a freckle on her perfect flesh. I knew every inch of her body well enough to say it was flawless.

Her mind? That could be considered a whole other story. Dess was a force of nature. I don’t think she ever gave the slightest concern to what anyone, other than me, or maybe him (Graham), thought of her.

She called her mood swings The Mean Reds after seeing Breakfast At Tiffany’s the first time. She loved anything related to Audrey Hepburn and probably saw all her movies.

It didn’t take me long to learn that when The Mean Reds hit her it was best for me to bow out and gracefully retreat. There was no talking to her when she got that way. He (Graham) encouraged her eccentric behavior and drove her to drink. As much as it pains me to say it, they were two of a kind. Both of them had demons that no one else could ever understand.

I didn’t know what it was called then, but Dess is what’s known as an empath. She found it very hard to watch me wrestle because she claimed to feel the impact of my bumps and bruises far worse than I ever did. This sensory made her an almost ideal travel companion because she could literally feel everything that I did. She knew when to draw me a bath, when to massage my back, when to pleasure me sexually, and when it was called for to back off and give me some breathing room.

Dess would surprise me with her independence when we traveled together. She often choose not to go to the arena with me. Instead she would wander around in the area near our hotel. I’d give her spending money and she was content to play tourist on her own. She would often use that cash to buy me things while she was out shopping. Dess was a very thoughtful and considerate girl, when she choose to be.

Our meeting was kismet. I was just about to hit the very peak of my career and she made the perfect accessory for the ride. I doubt any other woman could have stood by my side with such style as she possessed. She had this innocence about her that drove me mad with desire. Our love making was on a whole other level what anything else I have ever experienced. She knew exactly how to please me in bed and I think it’s safe to say I gladly returned the favor. I don’t think I’ve ever known another woman who so brazenly wore he sexuality. She was an insatiable Goddess who made love to me with complete reckless abandon.

Why did things between wind up the way they did?

In a word, him. (Graham)

I took Dess to Florida with me in 1963 after my first retirement. It was supposed to be the start of a new life for me. I’d already consulted an attorney about ending my marriage and I was prepared to make her my next wife.

All that changed when I found out she had turned to another man in my absence. Her betrayal stung me to my very core. It infuriated me that Odessa was the one woman I was never able to control. Never.

We had glimpses of our first whirlwind affair over the years. That time in the Carolinas in 1979 was as close to ideal as our first year together. She really pulled on my heart towards the end of her life. It sickened me how his death affected her. How she just gave up. It made me give up on her.

It is unfortunate that things turned out the way they did. We both had such strong personalities that the two of us were just never meant to be together on a long term full time basis. And there was him, always him, that drove us apart.

There’s no doubt about it, I loved Odessa then and I still love her now.


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