Being a girl who loves her some snakes, I feel it is my duty to educate you homes on my very favorite of all creation.

Black snakes ~ Every home needs a black snake residing in the crawl space. These guys may look menacing, but they are really just big babies. They don’t bother anyone and will keep your home free of rats and mice and other creepy crawly things. If you are house hunting and encounter a black snake consider it a sign of good luck. There was a black snake in the closet of my first home in Raleigh and my human, Jez, has a black snake in her crawl space. When the home inspector told us there was a snake, I was like, awesome! This is the perfect home for us.

Boa Constrictors ~ I don’t hang out with Boas. They are kinda like the designer bag status symbols of the snake world. I am sure there are some nice ones, just not my cup of tea.

Copperheads ~ These are not the touchy feely type of snakes. They don’t like to cuddle or socialize and need their space.They will emit a scent kinda like a cucumber if they feel you are encroaching on their personal space. Being a redhead, I also call gimmick infringement on the whole copperhead thing.

Corn snakes ~ They are very pretty and will help keep the riff raff rodents out of your garden.

Coral snakes ~ These snakes are very shy and reserved, but if you let them come to you they are very sweet. They are also highly venomous. They are great for protecting your personal property if you live in a warm climate. I always enjoyed the company of the coral snakes by the canal abutting my backyard in Tampa.

Pythons ~ These snakes have a great sense of humor. I feel sorry for the ones held captive in zoos and trapped by breeders. The albinos are gorgeous.

Water Moccasins ~ I don’t care for their temperament and I don’t think they are very pretty.

Rattlesnakes ~ I saved the best for last as I do love these babies the most. Rattlers are so misunderstood. I empathize with them in this regard. Most rattlers are loners and they like their freedom. If you give a rattler the respect they deserve they are awesome friends and sweeter than a puppy or a kitten. I love how they shake their tails when they feel threatened. And did I mention how absolutely cute they are? Rattlers have the most beautiful markings and those cute little forked tongues. Pigmy rattlers are my favorites because they are such beautiful and elegant creatures. They have the sweetest temperaments if you know how to approach them on their terms.

The most important thing to remember with any snake is to let them be in charge. Don’t approach them, let them come to you. Respect a snake and he or she will give you the same consideration in return.

Oh, and isn’t the new cover for Under My Skin absolutely adorable? I mention one of my beloved rattlers in this story. You really should check it out.


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