Pin Me, Pay Me

Pin Me, Pay Me!: Have Boots, Will TravelPin Me, Pay Me!: Have Boots, Will Travel by Bobby Blaze Smedley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is an interesting account of a man’s journey into fulfilling his dreams and provides great insight into the wrestling business from a fresh and different perspective than your typical WWE linked autobiographies.

Much like Jimmy Valiant’s book, you feel like Bobby is right there talking to you as you are reading along. He comes across as likable and believable. Something that I’ve noticed doesn’t happen with a lot of other wrestling biographies.

His time in SMW was the most interesting since that was when I remember following Bobby’s career. I enjoyed his account of working with Chris Candito since I was there live for most of the matches mentioned. The Sherri Martel and the cows story (sorry no spoilers) was really nice too and gives insight into the type of person Bobby probably is away from the ring. I also like how he paid respect to the time he spent around Chris Benoit without judging what happened at the end of his life.

Bobby is surprisingly old school (For some reason I thought he was about 10 years younger than he really is) and any fans of pro wrestling should find his story to be a great read.

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