Mercury In Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

This episode of Mercury in Retrograde has really done a number on me. I should be working on my current story, but everything is just so frazzled. It’s all I can do to promise Dess that I won’t consider the option of going back on anti-depressants until Mercury is spinning right on Sunday at 3:12 PM CST. Yes, I am counting.

Odessa has been doing her very best to shield me and provide guidance as my tolerance for dealing with difficult people has been depleted. We’ve been relying on Carmella for Reiki and wisdom and calling on assistance from all our regular visitors from the spiritual realm.

The consensus seems to be that this is a time for me to try to draw strength from my inner Katie. For those who might not know, that was me in my previous incarnation. Katie was a different from me in a lot of ways. While I am an extreme introvert, Katie was an extrovert who hated being alone. Her happy place was the stage of the underground burlesque club her husband owned in New York City. Katie turned to the world of burlesque when her teenage body betrayed her ambitions of being a ballerina. When she grew too tall and too curvy for a tutu, Katie took to a different stage. She was a woman who wasn’t afraid to flaunt her sexuality and had several lovers outside of a marriage with a much older wealthy and connected man.

“She intimidated the hell out of me,” Dess says of when she first met Katie in the early 1960s. “I was a little girl trying to play grown up and she saw right through me. Katie was everything I wasn’t with that dark hair, ample cleavage, and fierce red lipstick. And her history with Roger. That’s what really got to me. She knew Roger before he was Roger and she didn’t hesitate to flaunt that fact.”

“I hated it when Roger would sing The Lady Is a Tramp to her and change the lady to Katie,” Dess says, “Made me wanna sic a snake on that bitch.”

Katie often referred to Odessa as “Roger’s Strumpet” and she delighted in his serenades because just like her favorite lyrics, “She’d never bother with people she’d hate. That’s why…”

Mercury in Retrograde… quell beast!


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