Me and Jez have a new story for y’all and this one is a freebie. It’s the day after Mother’s Day in 1970 and my beloved, Graham is taking me out to lunch to meet his mother. We’ve also got a little surprise for her, our daughter, Amalie.

Me dropping a few F–bombs is really as smutty as this story gets. But there is a little gin, a snakey, and me empathing Graham’s father’s death and channeling him to bring Graham and his mother a special message from the other side.

How do you think his mama is going to react when she finds out her favorite son has fathered a child with a witchy empathic medium? Read our little story and find out for yourself.

Always is free on Smashwords and will be coming soon to all the other ebook distributers. It will be .99 cents on Amazon, but my human says you ask them to price match so we can get it set to be free. This one also includes the first chapter of Fly Away and a special offer if you decide to purchase that title.

I’ll be loving you, always…

Not just for an hour.

Not for day.

Not for a year, but always…


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