A full moon on Friday the 13th with Mercury in Retrograde. I don’t think it can get any more magically cray-cray than this.

The full moon magick started for us last night with a nice long conversation with Odessa while taking the Beast for his last stroll of the day. I really really really want to be able to channel spirits other than the ones that  Odessa has some type of connection to. She’s a very possessive and over protective spirit guide. Just in case you don’t know the specifics of mediumship and how this channeling works, it is done with your spirit guide, That means Odessa has the key to the door to the other side. No one comes through that door without her invitation and consent. Guides are the gate keepers, or phone operators, between the realms. Any medium who doesn’t give full credit to their guide is absolutely not legit.

I am an empathic and clairaudient medium. That means I hear things and pick up the emotions of the spirits. Odessa paints photos for me with words. There have been a few times when I’ve seen things, but mostly I hear spirit in words and through feeling emotions and sometimes physical pain.

In order to communicate with spirit you have to raise your energy vibration. My health and knowledge guide, Carmella, says that my thyroid issues have been lowering my energy vibrations. My doctor just increased the strength of my medication. Again. So, hopefully that will soon be leveling out and perking me up.There are also stones that can be used to increase the energy vibration. My new go to is rutilated quartz. Candles and incense also help. Lest we forget, chocolate is also really good for bumping up an energy vibration. Of course there is nothing like a full moon to really get the energy revved up.

Dess tells me my biggest problem in improving my skills as a medium is confidence. I have to believe in my abilities and most of all believe in her. I have to trust that what I hear is real. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand. The message when doing a reading isn’t for me.

For last nights’ full moon magick we focused on confidence. Sky clad and naked before the Goddess in the privacy of our fenced in backyard we lit a Confidence candle stated our intentions, or cast our spell in witch speak. It was a very powerful experience for both of us. We are, after all, a team in this channeling stuff.

Odessa has determine that the best way for me to develop my skills in doing readings to start with some something that allows a safe distance and secure environment. She has decided that we are going to being through Facebook. I open up my friends list on the Facebook App on my iPhone and we invite spirit to come through from there. There are no guarantees, calling up spirit doesn’t work like dialing a phone number, but we’re going to see how this goes.

If you would like to participate please friend me on Facebook if you’ve not already done so. Every evening I will be meditating and then posting the results of our channeling sessions. If you would like to receive a message, I invite you to let me know. What I ask that you do is to think of the person you would like to hear from and ask them to come and speak with me and Odessa. Dess will handle everything from there.

Love and Light and Full Moon Blessings…





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