I’m currently dealing with a situation with the job that pays the bills for now that is just about pissing me off. There is a promotion on the line and out of all the eligible applicants I am the only one of the three who has the educational requirements and / or work history. Me? I have both. Plus I carry the whole department as is. I stay at my desk, keep quiet and do the majority of the work. So, why is anyone else even being considered for this position? Would someone please explain this to me?

I’m tired of being taken for granted.

In my 47 years on this planet I’ve accomplished a hell of a lot. So, I think it’s about time I started putting myself over.

I’ve competed in and won tennis tournaments.

I went to college on a full tennis and writing scholarship.

I have a BA in Communications and Pubic Relations with a concentration in Marketing and Management.

When it comes to computers I am A+, MSDN, Hewlett Packard, DCSE (Dell Certification), and Microsoft Office certified.

I can take a computer (desktop or laptop) apart and put it back together and the damn thing will work.

I can do clean software installs.

I’m an ACE and ISSA certified as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer.

I’ve competed in and won fitness contests.

I am human and pet certified in first aid and CPR.

I am a multi-published author.

I’ve never been afraid to travel on my own.

I went from being a spoiled rotten daddy’s girl to a woman who can take care of herself.

I own my own home.

I pay my own bills.

I mow my own lawn and can climb up a ladder and clean my own gutters.

I’m a whiz at Sudoko.

I’ve read millions of books.

I’ve designed and maintained websites.

I’m an empath who can go out and face the world on a regular basis.

I have celiac disease and I deal with dietary restrictions every day of my life.

I’ve fucked every man I’ve ever wanted. (Well, other than Bjorn Borg and I haven’t met him yet.)

I can communicate with dead people.


And best of all…

I have the world’s most awesome and amazing spirit guide in Odessa.

Let’s face it, I am one bad ass bitch.

And so it is, and so it shall be.



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