Zoom… Zoom…


This afternoon I’ll be parting ways with my 2002 VW Beetle and leasing a 2015 Honda Fit. Me and the Bug have been together since July of 2002 and racked up a little over 162,500 miles. I’ve been told that is a good run with a Beetle. The AC is dead, the butt warmer conked out last winter, the inside door handle is loose, the glove box opens randomly, and it makes a long clanking noise if the fan runs too long in idle. This was the first car I’ve ever paid for almost by myself. I used $7,000 for my daddy’s estate for the down payment and then payed off the remainder of the note myself. Before that my daddy bought and paid for ever other vehicle I have ever driven.

The Beetle was the car I drove to make the move from North Carolina to Nashville, TN in May of 2004.  I made my last payment in the fall of 2006 and doing that was the big thing that allowed me to be financially able to leave an abusive relationship. There were a few nights from 2004 to 2006 where I went outside and sat and cried in this car. I’m not looking forward to the car payments, but this is going to be what finally rebuilds my credit. I had to file for bankruptcy in 2008 when I at last escaped from that relationship and the car my ex was driving (with my name on the title) had to be repossessed because he stopped making the payments.

This poor Bug has endured numerous wrestling road trips from hell with the psycho ex. The worst being when I fell somewhere in West Virginia and broke two fingers before going on to Chicago and back to Nashville before finally getting to see a doctor. Great material for stories, not so much for actually living it.

On a happier note, this is the car I was driving when I went to meet my dog, Harry. Also the car I bought him home in a couple of days later. This is the car that’s taken me and Harry on many trips home to NC to visit my family. I’ll admit I got a little choked up driving to work this morning, knowing that’s the last time the Bug and I will ever make that trip.



I’ll be driving home today in my brand new 2015 Honda Fit with the AC blasting and Frank Sinatra synced from my iPhone on the wireless Bluetooth. With the lease I get free oil changes and all mechanical issues with me covered, so that’s one less thing I’ll have to worry about. AAA will be hearing a lot less from me.

Getting another metallic grey car wasn’t intentional. It just worked out that happened to be the car that best fit my budget. So, farewell, old Beetle, it’s been one interesting ride. Hello, new Fit, let’s see where the road will take us.

And so it is, and so it shall be.



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